Clone Drone In The Danger Zone Will Get Twitch Mode December 16th

There’s a crazy indie game from Doborog Games that’s currently in alpha, but gamers can pick up a digital copy right now. The title is slowly and steadily being updated and the next major milestone for the game will feature a new Twitch mode that will launch on December 16th.

The game is a third-person, hack-and-slash combat arena title that gets progressively harder with a rogue-like tinge to it. Players take on the role of a random human mind put into a robot body. The object is to battle through increasingly difficult waves of robot opponents.

The further you get through the game the more difficult it gets. The game offers players the ability to upgrade their character, increase the weapon strength and add accessories like jetpacks to your character.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the video below from Jacksepticeye.

The game is kind of cool given that depending on where you attack an opponent depends on where they receive damage, so it’s possible to cut off arms or legs, or even shave an opponent’s head in half.

The new Twitch mode should make it more convenient for live-streamers to interact with their audience by allowing chat members to appear in the game’s audience and their emotes will pop up over the heads of the crowd while the streamer does battle.

It’s kind of a cool feature.

Right now there’s the story mode and endless mode available in Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, but they’ll continue to upgrade and enhance the game as it moves from alpha to beta and from beta to the final 1.0 release.

If Clone Drone in the Danger Zone seems like a game worth playing, you can pick up a digital copy of the alpha version (and this makes you eligible to receive future updates for free) for $9.99 from the page.

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