Customizable Drone Skins Now Available From DecalGirl

Drones have become such a huge thing recently, with a lot of people really getting into the hobby of building their own drones or buying drone kits or purchasing ready-made drones. One of the other sub-hobbies of drone flying is customizing the drones with neat livery kits. Well, if you have a drone and you want to get a really cool skin for it, DecalGirl has made it possible to do so.

Over on the official DecalGirl website she lays out the various options and materials that eager enthusiasts, fans, hobbyist and technophiles can use to customize and build their own livery for their personal drone. The custom skins are available for the DJI Mavic Pro.

Creating your own skin consists of heading to the custom skin page, selecting the image overlay for the DJI, choosing the monogram, text and color scheme before saving it and moving on. You can see what the custom editor looks like below.

You can modify the images, mono, text and color for each of the parts, including the legs, the battery skin, the main body and the controller.

It’s pretty neat how much control and detail you have over how you want your drone skin to look.

You can capture all of your most desired visual aesthetics for the drone within a set $29.99 price point. That’s a pretty slick price for what could either turn out to be a really awesome or really ugly skin. If it turns out awesome then it’s a bargain; if it turns out ugly… well… just be glad electronic devices don’t dream of electric sheep.

Anyway, if you lack the creative juices to make your own skin, you can always select from one of the 49 other skins they have available on the shop, such as the Cosmic Flower.

DecalGirl - djii1-cosflwr

You get to see how the livery looks on the legs, controller, main body and battery pack.

There are various types of skins for all sorts of different desires held by hobbyist and drone fanatics. If you want a sleek, black looking design that looks like something out of Deus Ex? Well, guess what… there’s a skin for you! Do you want some kind of psychedelic vomit because you love every color and can’t choose just one cohesive palette for your drone? Well, guess what… there’s a skin for you!

They even have tacky skins, like a spotted leopard, in case you wanted to hearken back to the designs of the 1960s and 1970s.

You can check out the full page results of the various skins and livery designs for the DJI Mavic Pro over on the official DecalGirl website.


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