Dark Ages Strategy Game Coming To Steam On December 12th

Turn-based strategy games are quite popular and the genre can offer fans something different in each new title. Well, publisher and developer Herocraft wants to bring an alternate version of the Middle Ages — where Vikings, musketeers, Mongols, phalanx legions, crusaders and many other factions and nations are battling it out — to Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages. The PC game is set to release for Steam Early Access on December 12th.

Do you like medieval and strategy games? Chances are that if you like both genres Herocraft’s turn-based strategy game may be something worth keeping an eye on. The game plays out like any other typical turn-based strategy, except the devs wanted to take a twist and put the game in an alternate setting during the Middle Ages.

“Dark Ages is a turn-based strategy game set in the violent world of an alternate Middle Ages. Vikings against war elephants, musketeers against the Mongol cavalry, ancient phalanx legions against crusaders; the deadliest armies in history clashing in bloody war.”

In this game you will act as the leader and direct troops to follow your command, whether it’s leading them to victory or to their grave. In addition, you will be able to exploit your team talents and the enemies’ weaknesses by playing as unique leaders with their own stats.

While trying to claim the throne and survive the Dark Ages against neighboring countries, you will be able to pick from six factions with perks that switch up conflicts on the battlefield. For instance there is the nimble nomads of the Horde, the well-armored Imperial soldiers, the mad Sea Barbarians clad in furs, the Union’s guilds upholding gunpowder, the proud knights of the North, and the mysterious cults of the Twin Rivers.

There are over 50 types of squads based on real historical troops, which these squads gain experience and develop their skills by surviving battles. Moreover, a video showing the game can be seen thanks to HeroCraft‘s channel.

Strategy & Tactics: Dark Ages is set to release for Steam Early Access on December 12th. For more information on this game you can head on over to herocraft.com.