Dawn Of War III Dev Video Highlights Character Stories And Cinematics

If you aren’t familiar with the Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War franchise, there’s a short primer video that Relic Entertainment put together to explain each of the main characters from the three main factions, as well as the game’s cinematics that will help emphasis the story elements and characters.

There will be “Heroes” from each of the three factions, including the Space Marines, the Orcs and the Eldar. Each hero has their own backstory and present-day focus that will be highlighted throughout the campaign in Dawn of War III. They explain in detail what they’re doing with these characters and what gamers can expect from them.

Each of the heroes have their own ambitions and cunning ways that they plan on employing to achieve them. It speaks to the original cinematic trailer for Dawn of War III, where we see how the Eldar are more cold and calculating, the Space Marines are tactical and unrelenting, and the Orcs are wild and violent.

I think the Dawn of War III cinematic was one of the rare times where the Orcs actually looked more dangerous than the Space Marines. It’s a welcome change and something that seemed a little under-played in the game Warhammer 40K: Space Marine, where just a few Marines were able to take on countless hordes of Orcs with very little problems. They did at least highlight the fact that the Orcs were absolutely wrecking the normal humans, though.

I also wonder if there will be any Chaos in Dawn of War III? It’s always the unpredictable element that throws out expectations and gives fans a little something of the unknown to contend with.

In the case of Total War: Warhammer the Chaos were easily one of the more popular races in the game, and Creative Assembly knew that, which is why they had them released post-launch as DLC.

Anyway, you can keep track of the upcoming isometric RTS game by heading on over to the official Dawn of War website. Relic Entertainment will have a huge uphill battle to climb in order to top Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer from earlier this year, because despite its flaws the developers really knocked that one out of the ballpark.