Days Of War Coming To Steam Early Access “Soon”

Indie devs Driven Arts took their game to Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight in hopes that their WW2 FPS game, Days of War, would succeed on both platforms. Well, after passing both with no problems the devs are now getting ready for Steam Early Access and are giving away keys to play the game early. Days of War is set to release sometime in 2017.

Recently hitting Steam’s “Coming Soon” page comes Days of War. Despite seeming quite similar to Battalion 1944, the two WW2 games aren’t just similar, they’re almost identical. Anyways, if you like fast-pace WW2 shooters games where teamwork is essential, there’s a new game for you.

“Days of War harkens back to simpler times, where infantry combat was gritty and personal, and teamwork was required to turn the tides of battle. Fast paced, class based combat means each soldier has his role when the Allied forces collide with the Nazi war machine.”

I’d actually prefer seeing a WW2 game where you get to play as the Brits or Aussies, while exploring battles like Sword Beach or another side of the Pacific War, or for that matter playing as the Japanese or Italian army. But, instead folks will be waging battles throughout Europe in PvP modes as the U.S. and Germans in popular WW2 locations for arenas.


The game’s latest trailers are up for you to watch. The first of the two videos reveal a cinematic scene that replicates the Omaha Beach depiction in Saving Private Ryan. The second video shows gameplay, which stands to be early gameplay footage.

Days of War will feature all weapons during the era of WW2 and you will be able to use them without having to unlock them. The game will also feature objective-based missions that will not focus on having the best K/D ratio, but about pushing and playing the objective.

The devs also note that folks will have full server control. Dedicated servers with full in-game administration abilities will be present, along with fine tuning the experience for you and your friends.

Days of War is set to release for PC via Steam Early Access sometime “soon”. For more information on this game you can head on over to, or you can sign up to get in on the early test by entering the key giveaway by hitting up


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