Depth Of Limbo, Roguelike Action Game Coming To Steam Early 2017

Do you remember the game that released earlier this year named Enter the Gungeon? Depth of Limbo is almost like that roguelike game with procedurally generated rooms, except with darker themes. The PC game via Steam Early Access is set to debut sometime in early 2017. 

There’s been a flood of indie games that contain features like roguelike and procedurally generated maps, and although these features are nothing new, they worked like a charm in the game Enter the Gungeon.

If you happen to like roguelike and procedurally generated maps with a hint of action mixed in there, Evgiz has Depth of Limbo for you to look forward to come 2017. The game is said to be dark in nature and contain fast-paced combat that’s spiced up by a variety of weapons.

“Depths of Limbo is a difficult action roguelike with a dark theme. The fast-paced combat is spiced up with a variety of unique items and weapons found throughout the procedurally generated world.”

If you like hard bosses, onslaught of enemies and a plethora of weapons to discover, you’ll find all of that and more in Depths of Limbo. A new video trailer can be seen below showing a near minute worth of gameplay.

Like any other roguelike game there are a variety of items that hold unique effects to them, changing the outcome of a situation for better of for worse. This means you will have to carefully learn each item from trial and error when playing through Depth of Limbo.

Lastly, if you are into coach co-op games, which is better known as local co-op, you and your buddy will be able to play this game together making the overall challenge a little bit easier.

To find out more about Depth of Limbo you can head on over to Steam Early Access or to


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