Destiny Guide: How To Get The Ice Breaker In Dawning Event

Now that The Dawning event is live folks will be able to learn how to get the newly added exotic weapons like the year 3 Ice Breaker, Nova Mortis, Abbadon, and other rare stuff like the Lysander’s Cry in this guide. Destiny and Rise of Iron are out now, which the latter is available for PS4, and Xbox One, while the former is available for said platforms and the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Year 3 Ice Breaker

If you want to get the third year edition of the Ice Breaker you will need to go to the Tower and head straight for Commander Zavala. Try doing the bounties he has for you, they will be heavily focused on RNG when it comes to obtaining the weapon after completing the quest. Additionally the quest you will need to partake in is the Sunrise quest from Commander Zavala, if you are not given the Ice Breaker on completion switch characters until you are able to get the gun.

If you do not get the Ice Breaker with any of your three Guardians you will need to wait a week before attempting the quest to get the weapon.

Nova Mortis and Abbadon

To get Nova Mortis and Abbadon you will need to get to rank 7 in your Competitive Spirit record book or The Dawning book, which will give you derpy Xur’s Tag upon reaching rank 7. Use the tag to open up a present in the middle that is located behind the Bounty Bot in the Tower, this will give you a quest for the weapons.

In addition to the quest, you will need to talk to Ikora Rey who will tell you to go talk to the Gunsmith, which the Gunsmith will tell you to get Void Ability Kills in any activity. Once you are done doing the Void kills head back to the Gunsmith and he will tell you to go do the Abomination Heist Strike (do it on Light 320). This will reward you with the Nova Mortis after talking to Rey.

To get the Abbadon do the exact same thing except talk to Commander Zavala who will tell you to talk to the Gunsmith, who will then tell you to get Solar Ability Kills. After getting the desired amount of Solar kills the Gunsmith will tell you to go do the Shield Brothers Strike, and you will now have the Abbadon after completing said Strike.

Lysander’s Cry

You will be able to get a free Sparrow by going to the BannerFall and heading to the back in a dark room that will have a dead Ghost at the bottom of a shelf. Revive the Ghost and you will need to then go to the Tower in the Hanger and climb some boxes in a back room to discover Lysander’s Cry in a gift box.

A video by Datto shows all of the above and how to get the newly implemented exotic weapons that are new present in The Dawning event. You can check out the video below.

Destiny is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, while Rise of Iron is out now for Xbox One and PS4.


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