Dragon Quest XI Announced For Nintendo Switch With Universal Studios Attraction

Dragon Quest XI will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, according to a brief blurb at the end of the recent blog post following the news about the Jump Festa 2017 trailer. The Nintendo Switch news was recently reported by Gematsu.

However, on the official Nintendo of Japan website, the post very simply states…

“In addition, this work is planned to be released on the Nintendo Switch.”

It doesn’t really get more blunt than that.

This is great news for people who were on the fence about the Nintendo Switch and needed confirmation that more high-quality, AAA titles were coming to the system. Well, now you know that high-quality, AAA JRPGs are coming to the system.

This news was accompanied by a separate post over on Gamer Japan that revealed that as part of the 30th Anniversary for the Dragon Quest franchise, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan will be working in collaboration together to unveil a “Dragon Quest Real Adventure” attraction on March 17th, 2017. This will be a lead-in for more news regarding the Super Nintendo World theme park located within Universal Studios Japan, which is set to go live in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Dragon Quest X Universal Studios

The attraction will feature users walking through dungeons, famous from the Dragon Quest franchise, using “their weapons” to proceed through the labyrinths in real-time while facing off against various monsters.

Details are scant at the moment given that they plan on making a much bigger event out of the whole thing on March 17th, 2017.

It makes me wonder if that’s when the Nintendo Switch will launch?

Also, Gematsu brought up a good point about whether or not the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest XI will use the high-end “realized” anime visuals from the PS4 version of the game or the more cartoony look of the Nintendo 3DS? It’s all a mystery right now and we won’t know for sure until January 12th, when Nintendo is expected to lay out further details on the Nintendo Switch, including a launch date and the price.


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