Dreadnought Closed Beta Sign-Ups Go Live For PS4

Interested in commanding a dangerous space vessel designed to instill fear and dread into all who rest their eyes upon it? Well, then you’ll likely enjoy the non-stop destruction and space-based PvP mechanics of Grey Box, Six Foot Studios, Yager and Iron Galaxy Studios’ Dreadnought, which sees gamers put in command of dreadnaught class spaceships across a variety of different maps.

During this year’s PlayStation Experience the developers announced that the PC game will be making its way to PlayStation 4 in 2017. Ahead of its release the developers are currently holding closed beta tests and have opened up the sign-up page over on the official Dreadnought website.

Christian Svensson, chief operating officer of Six Foot commented about the gameplay and the themes, stating in the press release…

“Dreadnought is all about mastering your ship and coordinating with your teammates to reap the glory and rewards of victory,” […] “It features stunning spectacles of high-impact combat across the solar system, and we’re incredibly excited for the PlayStation community to experience that fun for themselves soon.”

Dreadnought PS4

During the earlier tests a lot of the maps took place just within the atmosphere of conflict-ridden planets. This time around they appear to have the combat taking place outside the mesophere. The game offers battles consisting of large-scale missile barrages, devastating cannons and precision lasers.

During the PlayStation Experience they unveiled a new trailer for Dreadnought featuring the game running on the PS4 that you can check out below.

There are multiple game modes, more than 50 different vessels you can choose from, multiple customizable weapons for both long range and short range combat, as well as cosmetic upgrades spread across five different ship classes.

The closed beta is still ongoing right now for PC, but if you own a PS4 you can also join in the on the free-to-play action.

For more info be sure to visit the official website.


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