Durango Free Beta Key Giveaway [Closed]

Nexon announced that they’ll be hosting a limited closed beta test for their newest MMORPG, Durango. Not only will the beta test be limited, but it’ll only run for a short time between December 13th and January 3rd. Gamers looking to play-test Nexon’s newest free-to-play MMO before it officially launches will have an opportunity to do so thanks to Nexon supplying One Angry Gamer with 100 free beta keys.

[Update 1/14/2017: All the extra beta codes for Durango have been given out. Thanks everyone who participated in the giveaway. Hope you enjoyed the Durango beta!]

Given that we were supplied access to so many keys, it only made sense to do a beta key giveaway for Durango.

Curious how to get a beta key for Durango? Well, acquiring the key and utilizing it is pretty simple and the steps to making the most of this little event are as follows:

1 – Like the OAG Facebook Page and grab one of the beta keys posted on the page.
2 – Visit the official Durango Website and sign-up for the beta notification
3 – Follow the instructions in the e-mail and use the key to access the game.

That’s it! It’s really that simple.

We’ll be handing out beta keys throughout the days leading up to January 14th, so most people looking to get in on the beta should have an ample opportunity to do so. The beta codes are limited to the Android version of Durango only. Sorry, no iOS keys this time around.

The beta will work for all regions except for mainland China and Japan. There’s also only an English version available at the moment, but Nexon has plans on incorporating more language support into the game as they move toward open beta.

If your interests are piqued and you really want to see what the gameplay is like, there’s actually a gameplay trailer that you can view below that Nexon release during this past year’s G-Star 2016 event in Busan, South Korea.

The game is an isometric, dinosaur survival title. It’s not entirely unlike an overhead version of ARK: Survival Evolved.

You can gather resources, outfit your character in a variety of different outfits, craft food and supplies, outrun dangerous carnivores and hunt harmless herbivores.

You can build up your own settlement using gathered supplies, and extend your base, capture dinosaurs, ride dinosaurs, and battle dinosaurs.

Durango - 01_Town_Full_LOGO

Gameplay wise it’s a little like a mix of Monster Hunter meets Diablo meets Project Zomboid.

I at least have to give props to What! Studio for stepping outside the box and trying something new with the game. And props to Nexon for publishing it.

It’s hard to get a gauge on how well the game will control given that it’s played through the touchscreen, but it looks fairly intuitive.

Gamers participating in the limited beta will be able to see exactly how it plays once the beta code is entered and the APK is loaded onto the smartphone.

Durango - 04_Landmark_Battle_LOGO

As mentioned, you can grab a free beta key from over on the One Angry Gamer Facebook page and sign-up to participate in the limited beta by visiting the official Durangon website.


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