Durango Game Tips: How To Find Straps
(Last Updated On: December 28, 2016)

One of the most common things gamers have been asking about regarding Nexon’s dinosaur MMO, Durango, is “how do I find straps?” Well, finding and crafting straps can be a real pain and limit you on what you can craft and make. But, if you need a bit of help in finding and making straps in the Durango mobile game, this guide might help you out.

Durango is in beta testing at the moment for Android devices on the Google Play store. A lot of players are in need of straps and they have no idea how to get them in What! Studio’s game. Well, YouTuber Hurricane Mobile Gaming explains that the straps are called by a different name when gathering them as opposed to when crafting with them. As he explains in the video below, straps are actually made from durable stalk.

Go into any reed and click on the reeds and there will be durable stalks within the reeds. You’ll be able to gather the stalks from reeds nearby small lakes, ponds or puddles of water.

Head into the craft/build menu and click on “Material Processing”. You’ll find the option for the “Extended Strap” just below the “Twisted Rope”. It will turn some of your stalk (labeled as straps) into a long strap.

It’s kind of confusing, I know. However, when you need to craft an item requiring a long strap, you simply need to go into the material processing and turn some of the stalk (also called straps) and process them into extended straps. The extended straps are the same thing as long straps.

So just so we’re all caught up:

  • You get stalk from reeds.
  • Reeds are near water.
  • Stalk = Straps
  • Extended Straps = Long Straps

I know that seems confusing but straps and stalk are the same thing, and extended straps and long straps are the same thing. Hopefully this has helped you out and allowed you to figure out how to get a hold of straps in Durango.

Some people were also asking how you find pillars in Durango. Well, the same applies to making pillars in the game… you simply need logs for pillars.

You can pick up a digital copy of the closed beta version of the game from the Google Play Store.

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  • BOSS

    Guys help update game wiki http://durango.gamepedia.com

  • Ash

    “Strap” is the thing that is made with Reed, just like “Pillar” is made with Log. Strap is not Reed. Strap can also be Twine, or Thread. To put it simply, Reed is the ingredient and Strap is the item made with the ingredient. It’s all about using your common sense to find out what materials are used to make what items. Or you can see the requirements of materials in Crafting menu for each item..

  • benj

    Is this f2p after release?

    • Yeah it will be F2P in full release.

  • Kain Yusanagi

    I think it’s more like the glue = vegetable starch = adhesive aspect of Fallout 4. Still confusing on the surface.

    • Oh that’s right… a lot of people did have problems finding adhesives in that game.