Dynasty Warriors 9 Is Currently In Development In Japan

We don’t know what systems it’s going to be for and we don’t know when it’s going to be released, but what we do know is that Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently in development over in Japan by Koei Tecmo’s dedicated development studios.

The news came via a tweet on the official Koei Tecmo America account, where they let the gaming audience know that the new game was indeed coming.

A follow-up tweet revealed that Omega Force is the one developing the upcoming game, and it’s likely that it’s coming to PS4 and Steam, since Koei Tecmo have been working overtime to pump out their games for both the PC gaming audience and the PlayStation gaming audience. They’ve also been kind to Xbox gamers when it comes to Dynasty Warriors titles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Dynasty Warriors 9 ends up on the Xbox One as well.

In the follow-up tweet they showcased the concept art and the official logo for the game. You can check out both images below.

I’m not entirely sure who that is in the concept art… it looks like he’s using some kind of fantasy halberd. It’s an interesting looking weapon for sure. He could be one of the new characters or he could be a completely re-imagined version of one of the old characters.

I’m always just amazed that they’ve managed to retell the tale of the Three Kingdoms over and over and over again for more than nine games. Amazing.

You’ll likely have to stay tuned for more info as Koei Tecmo reveals what they have in store for Dynasty Warriors 9.


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