Echo Devs Announce Production Now In Power-Montage Stage

We covered Echo before back when it was on Steam Greenlight, and as of recent the developers, Ultra Ultra, posted on their Twitter that they have now entered production like a “power-montage”. The devs also replied to fellow supporters of Echo and announced that gamers can expect more gameplay footage early 2017, along with the game releasing sometime Spring 2017 for PC via Steam Early Access.

There’s no doubt that Sci-Fi and futuristic games, books and movies catch my attention, along with many other folks, which brings us to a game that was once covered here on this site before during its Greenlight run, Echo.

As of recent, Ultra Ultra took to their Twitter to post some information regarding the action adventure game, which sparked some fans to come out of the woodwork and be vocal about the shaping of Echo. The first tweet by the devs can be seen below.

This means that in the next couple of month or so (or early 2017) we’ll likely see some more gameplay or trailer footage for echo according to this tweet.

As of before there was a slight ideal as to when the game might release, but now that we know it is set for “Spring 2017” folks can brace themselves for the latest trailers and info to come.

This now brings us to the game itself, which I’m sure some folks may not know what Echo even is or what you are to do in the Sci-Fi, action adventure game. Well, the description sits below…

“After a century in stasis the girl En arrives at her destination: A Palace out of legend, a marvel of the old civilization eons gone, still awaiting its first human occupants. Out here, using forgotten technologies, she hopes to bring back a life that shouldn’t have been lost. But nothing could have prepared her for what she’ll face in the ancient halls below.”

Reminding me a lot of Katsuhiro Otomo and Koji Morimoto’s work in Memories — particularly Magnetic Rose — you can check out both the older trailers to see an older build of Echo.

Honestly, to be made by a small indie team this game graphically looks pretty nice, especially to be first published on Steam Greenlight. Something that does need fixing, though, are the animations. However,  seeing how the devs are going full “power-montage” that should be fixed up in time.

For more information regarding Echo and the devs you can head on over to


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