Eden Star Updated With In-Game Server Hosting

Flix Interactive’s Eden Star has been in Early Access development since back in January of 2015. The game was recently updated to version 0.2.4. It’s still a long ways out from version 1.0 but they’ve made some significant progress in terms of performance, playability, quality of life and achieving major milestones in the stability department thanks to squashing tons of bugs.

Over on the Steam community page there’s an update from Flix Interactive letting gamers know that Eden Star has been updated where gamers can now set up their own servers from within the game menu itself. You no longer have to exit the game, set all the parameters with the host server and then enter the game. They do mention that you will need to forward the ports in your router when hosting a server.

They also mention that the game options can now be applied to the multiplayer portion of the game, too. They’ve updated the abandoned structures so that they’re more interesting to explore and loot, and they’ve switched up what creatures spawn in the surrounding areas.

The update doesn’t stop there, though. They’ve also added a brief tutorial section to the single-player portion of the game, so players are introduced to the basic looting system, combat and creature encounters.

They’ve rebalanced some of the rocks and materials, and they’ve also upgraded the AI so it’s more adaptive to the size and advancement (or lack thereof) of your base.

A number of bug fixes have also been addressed, including curtailing a few nasty crashes that occurred when switching weapons while dying when using a controller. They’ve also fixed a number of other UI, spawning and HUD related issues as well.

Eden Star is a little bit similar to the likes of Star Forge or ARK: Survival Evolved, except without the dinosaurs. You can craft and build modular structures, scavenge for supplies, battle enemy AI and even team up with other players to fight other players.

The game is still trudging along in the Early Access development sector, but it appears to be making some solid progress. It’s available for $19.99 right now but you can get it at 30% off during the Steam Winter Sale for only $13.99 from over on the Steam store.


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