Eon Altar: Episode 3 Watcher In The Dark Launches Jan 19th, 2017

Flying Helmet Games announced that the third episode for Eon Altar will be made available on Steam for PC starting January 19th, 2017 next year. The action-RPG’s third outing will be released as a DLC pack, and you will need the first two episodes in order to access the third episode.

They announced that in Episode 3- Watcher in the Dark players will be able to engage in three additional hours of content and that there are new dialogue branches to engage with and additional monsters to take down. The third episode will be available on PC through Steam along with a release through Linux, and released on iOS and Android, too. They released a new trailer for gamers to scope out, clocking in at just 36 seconds long. You can view it below.

The trailer doesn’t really give much of anything away. In fact, it doesn’t really explain much at all. Instead, it just seems to show a few overhead shots of the four heroes running through dark caverns and a voiceover speaking ominously about what lies ahead for the adventurers.

The game seems like a nice little throwback to the old Everquest action-RPGs or the console versions of Baldur’s Gate from the Dark Alliance series. A lot of isometric RPGs recently have been designed more-so in relation to the strategic real-time mechanics with pause features that were popular in the original Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale games.

Even though we don’t get to see much of the third episode, they do mention that you will venture into the dark caves below the catacombs and discover what the true agenda is of the mysterious figure stringing you along.

They don’t have a price tag on the third episode for Eon Altar just yet but they do reveal that you can play both local co-op or online co-op and that the entire season pass is available for only $14.99. You can learn more by visiting the official Steam store page.


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