Farming Simulator 17 PS4 Pro Update Adds 4K Support

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software announced that they’ve recently updated Farming Simulator 17 on the PS4 Pro to take advantage of the system’s beefed up hardware capabilities, which includes quad HD (or 1440p) with 60fps support, along with ultra HD at 4K running at 60fps.

The game has already managed to sell more than a million copies across the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Giants Software managed to hit a home run with the farming sim when they launched it a few months ago. The game was an improvement over the last outing, adding in new structures, new vehicles, new quests and new maps.

The modding for the game opened it up to even more sales and a lot more spread. The modding scene added new maps, new vehicles, and new missions.

According to the press release and the patch notes, they’ve added options like camera sensitivity, fixed some glitches with the trees, GUI issues, and added global game settings that can be adjusted while in the game instead of having to back out to the main menu.

Interestingly enough, they’ve also added enhanced draw distance and graphics for the PS4 Pro version in addition to upping the resolution with 1440p and 4K support. However, you can’t have enhanced graphics and 4K support on at the same time for the PS4 Pro version – you get better shadow quality and longer draw distances with the enhanced version.

There will be additional features added for the Xbox One version of the game as well, following the patch for PC and PS4 Pro.

The update for the game is available right now for PS4 Pro players. A separate update will be available for Xbox players later on.

You can also now currently purchase the game for the Mac from participating retailers. For more info don’t hesitate to learn more by visiting the official website.


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