Farming Simulator 17 Mods Add Mixing Station, Map Update For Canadian Ultimate V2

Looking for new maps for Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s Farming Simulator 17? Different modders alike took to Modland to bring forth new maps, as well as a mixing station that outputs resources in high quantity per hour. Farming Simulator 17 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The first map on this list of mods comes in by modder Renebqc. The name of the map is “Canadian Ultimate V2” and is an upgraded version to the previous map that caught a lot of flak for not working correctly. The modder took the time to write this note to fellow FS17 players who seek to download the map mod…

“This time I completely rebuilt using Ormsher starter map. This one should be perfect, well I couldn’t fine any problems left. This is my gift to you all for a year of support. I wish you all Happy Holidays!”

As seen above, the map can be downloaded and tested right now by heading over to

The next mod containing maps for Farming Simulator 17 comes in by Niggels and VertexDezign, which John Der33 uploaded. Entitled “Lossberg Map V1.1”, the new version of the map addresses several issues and adds new features. These new features are addressed by the modder…

“Lossberg is characterized by the high level of uniqueness, quality and the amount of details. A lot of things shown in the map are new to the game. There are new buildings, objects and textures made by supporters or by myself. I would like to take the opportunity to thank my supporters!”

The mod is now up and available to download by heading over to

The GTXM (MS-2001) is a multi TMR/Forage mixer, which is basically an all-in-one machine for gathering up outputs. The mod comes in by GTX Mods, Marhu, Kevin98, Farmer Andy, and John Der33.

The machine mixing station outputs 1,500 Liters per hour with a capacity of 150,000 Liters, and each of the bunkers are sized for correct ratio of mix — leaving room for more during the cycle.

This mod can be downloaded by hitting up

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software released Farming Simulator 17 back in October of this year, which the game itself is for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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