Final Fantasy XV Holiday DLC Pack Adds New Game+

Square Enix revealed to fans of Final Fantasy XV that the Holiday themed DLC pack is due for release soon and it will offer Xbox One and PS4 gamers the opportunity to battle it out in a special boss battle against none other than Square Enix’s boss, CEO Yosuke Matsuda.

The news came as part of a “Mystery Disc” event aired on a live-stream, which was reported on recently by Tokrin, featuring a link to a video that sports a four minute fight between Noctis and Matsuda. I have to give it to them… they really made Matsuda come across like a boss. You can check it out below courtesy of YouTuber user SF.

But a boss fight with Matsuda wasn’t even the most outlandish thing featured in the new DLC – players will also have to do battle against a “plump” Prompto. A fat version of the boy band from when he was a child.

According to Gematsu, the upcoming Holiday DLC will also feature one of the most requested things from gamers after they first beat Final Fantasy XV: New Game+.

With New Game+ it’s possible to take everything you’ve earned from your first playthrough and then carry it over into your second (or third) playthrough. It’s a great way to get some extra replayability out of a beloved title and to extend your time with the characters, story, lore and game world.

One of the complaints from some gamers was that after beating the game they felt empty and sad inside. With New Game+ you can continue the adventure without having to worry about completely playing through those last three heartbreaking chapters, and you can battle it out against Square Enix’s CEO as an extra bonus.

Now this does call into question why the New Game+ wasn’t just added to the final game? I know it was delayed a bunch of times and it’s been in development for 10 years, but would tossing in New Game+ have delayed it by much? Really?

Anyway, the Holiday DLC pack will arrive before the end of the year for Final Fantasy XV. It will also come with a Level Cap Creation, new boss fights and the aforementioned New Game+.


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