For Honor Receives Petition For Dedicated Servers

During the recent beta test for For Honor, complaints arose about the game’s reliance on peer-to-peer connections. The process relies on a player host for a stable connection, which can oftentimes lead to shoddy in-game match-ups and plenty of synching issues. One player decided to break NDA by posting up a video showcasing the problem, which lead to an inevitable Reddit thread asking gamers to petition over on iPetitions to get Ubisoft to switch to dedicated servers upon release.

Blues pointed to an update from PCGamesN where they posted up a response from Ubisoft regarding the matter. According to the publisher, they stated…

“no player will have an advantage in a match compared to the others. Some of the connection and networking problems that players have experienced and perceived as consequences of that architecture are rather linked to the fact that we’re still in development.”

Some gamers don’t trust that Ubisoft will implement dedicated servers by the time For Honor is ready to launch on February 14th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The main issue is that plenty of gamers think that the game may launch broken and then Ubisoft will try to fix it after launch. Also, running beta tests using P2P servers seems a little futile when the data is going to read drastically different compared to running dedicated servers. The main difference will be synch times, packet compensation and input latency affected by the host server. If the game is being fine-tuned for P2P servers, then it would be tough to use a lot of that data for dedicated servers.

This is compounded with the issue of the game having always-on DRM, which was confirmed by Ubisoft not too long ago. One of the most highly anticipated games for 2017 is quickly becoming one of the biggest disappointments in record time. Hopefully Ubisoft can fix up the dedicated server issue and remove the always-on DRM, otherwise this is a perfect disaster that many gamers would do well to avoid.


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