Friday The 13th Gameplay Video Previews Traps, Cops And Lots Of Scares

The new video was posted up by IGN, featuring 17 minutes of gameplay. The video starts with a counselor getting axed from behind and Jason ends up storming the campfire and the teen counselors scatter. You can check out the video below.

The players attempt to work together to escape Higgens Heaven. A lot of common sense is utilized at the start. One of the kids repairs the power at the cabin and calls the cops, which lets them know that the cops will arrive in about five minutes. Surviving for five minutes sounds like a short time but the kids are fairly vulnerable during this time.

The team of survivors work quick, gathering up axes, a flare gun and a few other supplies in which to attack Jason with.

One thing to keep in mind is that you have stamina and running around too much will drain it quick. So it becomes imperative to conserve your stamina as often as possible so if Jason surprises you and shows up out of no where you can at least book it out of the area and run the way Rich Seth should have run once those Podesta e-mails leaked.

Players can use their weapons a minimal amount of times to hit Jason and attempt to help fellow counselors get out of Jason’s clutches. We see how getting hit or hurt by Jason will slow down your character and the need to scavenge for weapons becomes a necessity, forcing players to have to move around the map and use a lot of teamwork.

I’m shocked that the game plays out as well as it does. It’s very tense and a really good asymmetrical PvP experience.

Survivors can fight with and struggle with Jason, but unless you use a lot of teamwork it’s quite the losing battle. Illfonic and Gun Media have done a bang-up job capturing the tension and atmosphere of the Friday the 13th movies.

There’s a beta currently running from December 18th to December 19th, as well as a pre-order beta due for testing between December 20th and December 23rd. You can learn more by visiting the official Friday the 13th website.


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