Friday The 13th: The Game CBT Video Shows Jason Skills, Contextual Kills

New gameplay videos have released for Gun Media and Illfonic’s Friday The 13th: The Game. Lots of YouTubers have been posting up footage after the closed beta went live recently, and we get to see a lot of stuff from the game, specifically when playing as baghead Jason.

Each Jason Voorhees has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses based on how he was portrayed in the movies. Baghead Jason can warp around the map, as well as use horror-shifting to zoop ahead of the counselors and grab them.

At the start of the match they show you which abilities the Jason has, so you can know exactly how to play the match and which ways will best benefit your play-style.

Youtuber CharminEXSoft Gaming explained that you have to be at level 14 in order to access baghead Jason, and he gets underwater travel bonuses, as well as the ability to sprint. You can see the gameplay for Jason murdering teenage counselors in the video below.

Throughout the video we get to see various types of kills as Jason breaks the neck of two counselors, travels through the water and drowns another, impales a girl’s head on the coat rack, cracks the back of another counselor in half, and even uses the door to break open the head of another young whipper snapper.

The one thing worth pointing out is that the phase shift looks a lot like when the evil in Evil Dead travels around. It’s pretty cool.

Jason has the ability to use four different skills using the right bumper, or he can grab people using the left trigger. He can’t hop through windows but he can bust through doors.

There’s a ton of contextually sensitive ways for players to hunt their prey as Jason, which is pretty cool. It never feels too cheap, but you can definitely see how an advanced player could literally play the game as if you were watching a classic Friday The 13th film from the 1980s.

No matter what you think about Gun Media or Illfonic, I have to admit that the the atmosphere and thematic tension in the game are pretty darn good. One player attempts to loop their way back and forth between the windows to avoid getting killed. However, they couldn’t escape the wrath of Jason.

XpertThief also has a video showcasing how some of the different ways to avoid being killed as a survivor. You can check out the video below.

Some of the things we see that we haven’t seen before is being able to hide in closets and hold your breath to avoid being seen. At first I thought hiding was a stupid thing to do, but Jason has motion-sensing abilities. So he can only sense you when you move. If you hold your breath he won’t be able to sense you, which makes hiding fairly useful.

The game looks pretty good so far, and despite some of the obvious beta bugs, Illfonic has a real winner on their hands if the maps are solid, the Jason abilities work right, and there’s a healthy variety of counselors for him to kill.

For more info be sure to visit the official Friday The 13th: The Game website. The current closed beta test is only available for PC via Steam, but the full game will be available on Xbox One and PS4.


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