Grand Lukto: Breakout Meets Pong Multiplayer Battle Game Comes To Greenlight

Grand Lukto looks like it would be a really fun party battle game that takes concepts from both Pong and the classic Breakout arcade game.

Indie developers Gamekat has created a really cool and unique game that reminds me of something you would see from the SNES, I’m also picking up some Bomberman vibes as well with its art style.

From what I pieced together based on the trailer, the objective for the game is similar to tennis with two teams pit against each other, or one person on each side of the court. A ball is dropped on the field and the two players must battle it out to destroy their opponent’s blocks while protecting their own using tiny little paddles to knock the ball back and forth. There also seems to be power-ups that manipulates the field or adds additional balls on the court to either help you out or add an additional challenge to the game.

Grand Lukto also features multiplayer and local co-op play so that you can team up and play with your friends, and it also features a co-op story mode as well, that has giant bosses that you will have to defeat. The developers released a gameplay teaser trailer for Grand Lukto, and so far I actually really like this concept. Take a look at the video linked below.

I think Grand Lukto has a lot of potential for a new type of party game. Additional features also includes unlockable heroes for you to play, just to add more goals for replay value.

I’m not sure yet how many stages will be in the game or how many boss battles there will be for the story mode, so we will have to wait and see as the developers release more information. Last but not least, the game seems to be ready for launch as soon as it is Greenlit by the Steam community, and the developers have plans for an early 2017 release date.

For more information about Grand Lukto, you can head on over to the Steam Greenlight page, or visit their official website for further details.


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