GTA 5 Mods Add Christmas Snow, Snowball Fights, To Single-Player

Rockstar Games released an update over the Christmas weekend for GTA Online featuring snow and snowball fights. The update was only available for online multiplayer portion of the game, but it didn’t take modders long to add the Christmas snow and snowball fights to the single-player portion of GTA V as well.

The first mod up is the Christmas in Single-Player Snow Mod 1.01 from modder CamxxCore. The mod is put into a simple ASI script that requires an asi loader. You simply take the SingleplayerXmas.asi file and move it into your GTA V installation folder and boot the game up. Bam, you’ve got Christmas time in Los Santos. You can download the Christmas in Single-player mod from over on the GTA5-Mods download page.

YouTuber RDG put together a quick six minute video to showcase the mod and give you a look at how Los Santos looks in single-player mode featuring a canvas of snow.

But what good is having a bunch of snow on the ground if you can’t make yellow snow, form it into a snowball and then walk up and force-feed it into the mouth of an unsuspecting stranger?

Well, if you’re into snow sports, you’re in luck.

Modder jedijosh920 posted up the Snowballs in Single-player mod, enabling users to throw snowballs at one another while the Christmas snow mod is activated.

Simply take the SnowballsSP.dll file and place it into your scripts folder in the main GTA V installation folder. If you have an ASI loader like Script Hook V installed you’ll be able to make use of the new snowball mod.

Youtuber EnforcerZhuko posted up a video showcasing how the snowball fights work and how to have a good time during the dangerous Christmas season while living in Los Santos.

The best part about the mod is that they allow you to pick up snowballs from the ground and throw them at anyone… including pedestrians!

Heck, the peds can even join in on the snowball fight so you can have an orgy of white stuff hitting you in the face and dripping off while you have a jolly good time.

You can download the Snowballs in Single-player mod by visiting the GTA5-Mods download page.


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