GTA 5 Mods Add DLC Cars To Traffic And Playable Vin Diesel

If you needed some extra variety to the traffic in your copy of GTA V, you might be pleased ot know that there is a mod available for that.

Modder I’m Not Mental made it possible to see all of the latest DLC cars from GTA Online added and mixed into the pedestrian traffic in Los Santos. This should add a ton of variety to your gameplay session and give you something extra to experience while driving around in the open world. This should also mix things up when it’s time to snag a car from an NPC, as there’s now a larger pool of cars that you’ll see driving around instead of just the vanilla cars.

The mod will require the latest version of Script Hook V, the Script Hook V .NET 2, the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64 update, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or later, and the MP Import/Export mod for Single-player. You simply extract the script to the GTA V root folder and then add additional vehicles to the DLCTraffic.txt file. The mod also supports add-on vehicles.

You can download the DLC/Add-On Vehicle in Traffic mod from over on the GTA5-Mods website.

GTA 5 - Vin Diesel

Next up is the one and only, Vin Diesel from the Chronicles of Riddick series and the uber popular Fast & Furious movies.

Modders Sportklass and Barak10 released the Vin Diesel mod to the public for GTA V. It puts the Fast & Furious star front and center as a playable character in the single-player story mode. Vin Diesel replaces Franklin and simply needs to be installed in the streamedpeds_players.rpf file.

The model looks pretty good, and I’m assuming it comes from either The Wheel Man or the Chronicles of Riddick games.

Either way, you can download the mod right now for your version of GTA V by hitting up the download page.


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