Gundam Versus Gains 5 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

Are you a fan of mechs and fighting games? Bandai Namco has you covered if you are a fan of mecha battles, especially if Gundams are your favorite. A handful of minutes of gameplay footage is available for you to watch showing a session done in the Closed Alpha Test. The game, as of now, has no release date yet.  

It’s likely that you know I’m a huge fan of Gundam or mecha games, and seeing that Gundam Versus has a five minute long video showing folks in-game footage containing battles and so on, it’s only right to take a look at the newly posted footage.

We covered Gundam Versus before back when Bandai Namco announced the game along with its live stream entitled Gundam Festival #3. In addition to the game, battles play out fast and stylized, which allow folks to teleport around and execute melee combos along with distance attacks using lasers or rifles.

But enough of me explaining the game, you can check out the latest footage that Bandai Namco posted up, which the video below containing the Closed Alpha Test footage of Gundam Versus comes in by YouTuber HD Karin.

The video above shows two matches that run roughly around two minutes and 30 seconds in length, which is enough time for mecha fans to form their opinion on how the game is currently shaping up — seeing how this is the Closed Alpha version of the game.

If you want to see more of the live stream showing off Gundam Versus gameplay the links for the stream are up by visiting 876TV YouTube channel,, and

As of now there is no Japanese release date set for Gundam Versus, which also applies for the West. It is noted, however, that there will be an Asian English release for the game, which also has no release date. In this case time will only tell when the game will drop for PS4 in said regions.


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