GunFleet, MMO Boat Game Now Available For PC

If you are a fan of the first and second world wars and happen to like battling other players across various seas, GunFleet has just that and a bit more. As of now, the MMO boat game is only available for PC and will soon land on Steam Early Access “sometime soon”. 

I’m not too sure how this game will turn out in the future according to its current state, but if you want to know some of the core features that GunFleet holds before playing the game, some of those important features sit below.

According to the devs GunFleet is an online MMO-shooter, which comes to fruition by the different countries’ water-based fleets of the Great War and the second world war. The game encourages players to battle fiercely and to gather in quick torpedo boats, submarine chasers, submarines and river monitors…

“GunFleet is an online MMO-shooter, inspired by the different countries’ mosquito fleets of the First and Second World Wars. Fight with each other, assemble in fleets of high-speed torpedo boats, submarine chasers, submarines and river monitors!”

Moreover, the game will sport well over 40 boats to pick from that all provide tactical advantages over specific ships, which also play well in certain situations. If you are a war-boat lover and wish to decimate others in sea-based combat a video trailer sits for you to look over.

The game will feature 7:7 ship battles that let players unleash different types of weapons. These weapons consist of rocket launchers, depth charges, torpedoes, auto-cannons and a variety of large caliber guns.

Apart from the features related to functioning mechanics and gameplay, is something that still stands to be interesting: ship customization. Folks will be able to customize their ships that span across the following nations: The U.S., Japan, Russia, and Germany.

Lastly, the game sports 15 combat locations or stages that cover locations from the Arctic all the way to places like tropical islands.

As of this writing GunFleet is only available by hitting up the game’s main site, which is free to play. Those looking to play the game on Steam will have to wait as it was slated to release on December 28th, the devs are currently sorting out Steam integration matters as we speak.


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