Gwent: Witcher Card Game Updated With Ranked Play, New Premium Cards

CD Projekt Red announced that they have a new update available for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game featuring all new cards, including animated premium cards, and the all new ranked play, along with a redesigned player progression.

The full changelog over on the official Play Gwent website revealed that there are 20 new cards that have been added to version 0.8.33. This applies to both the PC and Xbox One version of Gwent.

The new cards include two gold special cards, a silver special card, three bronze special cards, three silver unit cards, and three gold unit cards.

They’ve changed various card stats, including changing Borkh’s name to Villentretenmerth and reducing his strength from 9 to 7. They increased the Operator’s strength from 4 to 6 and increased Alzur’s Thunder damage from 6 to 7.

They’ve also changed the way the reward system works for ranked and non-ranked matches, as described in the video below from the Gwent YouTube channel.

They explain that with their new system they have a level-up system that’s been overhauled where earning experience unlocks a new level and unlocking each new level will earn you some new rewards.

They’ve also added new daily rewards, which have been overhauled to correlate with the rounds you win instead of the matches you win. They’ve also raised the level cap to 100, a new leaderboard for the top 1,000 players have been added to the game, and they’ve reset any account above level 10 back to level 10.

The new reworking of the level system should prove to be interesting and as they continue to refine the gameplay we’ll see how well the audience and community continues to react and respond to those changes. So far people seem to still enjoy Gwent even while it’s in closed beta.

You can register to play the beta for yourself by paying a visit to the official Gwent website.


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