Heavy Gear Assault, Online Mech Combat Game Enters Early Access

If you’re in the mood to don multi-ton mechs and battle it out in massive arenas on distant planets against other players, you won’t have to look far to get your fix thanks to Heavy Gear Assault being available on Steam’s Early Access platform.

The game is currently available for $39.99, but you can also get it for 15% off the normal price during the first week of being on sale for only $33.99. The game is a multiplayer PvP game that sees players taking control of customizable mechs known as Gears, and driving them into battle against other players.

MekTek Studios and Stompy Bot Productions wanted a game that brought back the simulation feel of the original Heavy Gear titles from back in the late 1990s, which was the era of mechanized warfare games.

Players will fight it out in arenas in hopes of securing sponsors, using the funds to buy new upgrades for their Gear, including improved movement systems, better engines, weapons and hydraulic power. One of the things that helped Heavy Gear stand out back in the day was the fact that unlike the mechs from the BattleTech or Mech Warrior series, the Gears could utilize minor transformation abilities to maneuver around a lot quicker. It was very similar to the live-action Japanese mech film, Gunhed.

You can see what the new and improved Heavy Gear Assault looks like in action thanks to the trailer below.

Heavy Gear Assault looks good running on the Unreal Engine 4. If I had one complaint, though, it would be that the game seems to have weapons that look very “light” when they make contact with opponents.

If you compare how the weapons work in Heavy Gear Assault to the upcoming BattleTech game from Harebrained Schemes, there’s a world of difference in terms of how the impact and damage is rendered in both games. BattleTech makes every hit look like it does massive damage, and seems equivalent to the battle sequences in Michael Bay’s Transformer flicks.

Anyway, if you want to check out the new iteration of Heavy Gear for today’s generation of gamers, you can learn more about the Early Access and the gameplay features by visiting the Steam store page.


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