Here’s How To Get All Trophies In Digimon World: Next Order

Looking to get a head start on obtaining every trophy in Digimon World: Next Order? If so, this guide will detail how to get each bronze, silver, gold and platinum trophies in B.B Studio and Bandai Namco’s digital monster game. As of now the PS Vita version is already available over in Japan, while the PS4 version will release in Europe on January 27th, in North America on January 31st, and in Japan as Digimon World: Next Order International Edition on February 26th.

In total Digimon World: Next Order contains 45 trophies according to PSN Profiles. Although the trophies arrived early (a month to be exact) you can get an early look to see the full list of trophies and how to get all 45, which sit below in the bulleted list.

Bronze Trophies:

  • Old-Timer!: Partner reaches age 20
  • Good Friend!: Reach maximum value for DigiFriend
  • Best Friend!: Reach maximum value for Bond
  • Armageddemon Defeated!: Beat Armageddemon
  • Digimon Fan!: Raised 50 types of Digimon
  • First-Class Tamer!: First Digivolution to Ultimate
  • Chapter One Cleared!: Clear Chapter One
  • Chapter Two Cleared!: Clear Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three Cleared!: Clear Chapter Three
  • Legendary Tamer!: First Digivolution to Mega
  • Capable Tamer!: First Digivolution to Champion
  • First Contribution!: Get Prosperity to level 1
  • Town Revitalization!: Get Prosperity to level 50
  • Town Expanded!: Get Prosperity to level 100
  • Hang in There…: Make first training mistake
  • Moneybags!: Acquire over 100,000 bits
  • Zillionaire!: Acquire over 1,000,000 bits
  • Figured It Out!: Complete a battle without taking damage
  • Hardcore Attacker!: Do 1,000 damage in one attack
  • Hunted King!: Beat at least one king-sized foe
  • Rookie with Promise!: Achieve one Colosseum victory
  • Rook Tamer!: First Digivoltion to Rookie
  • Signs of Improvement!: Get one level in Tamer
  • Rebirth!: Reborn a Digimon as a DigiEgg
  • First Camp!: Experience camp for the first time
  • Trainer Debut!: Experience a training session for the first time
  • Strategic Retreat!: Retreat at least once from a fight
  • Started Fishing: Go fishing and catch a fish
  • First Acquisition!: Acquire one material
  • First Ingredient!: Pick up one food ingredient

Silver Trophy:

  • Digimon Researcher!: Raise 100 types of Digimon
  • First DNA!: Witness one DNA Digivolution
  • Chapter Four Cleared!: Clear Chapter Four
  • Ruler of Other Worlds!: Clear all extra dungeons
  • Master of Rebirth!: Rebirth partner as DigiEgg 20 times
  • Card Master!: Complete all DigiCards
  • Heavy Attacker!: Do over 9,999 damage in one attack
  • Unconstrained!: Reach 1,000 for Partner Digimon skills
  • Battle Maniac!: Win 300 battles
  • King of the Colosseum!: Win all Colosseum competitions
  • First Class Creator!: Max out grades on all facilities as builder.

Gold Trophies:

  • Professor of Digimon!: Raise 200 types of Digimon
  • Supreme Tamer!: Max out Tamer level
  • Revivalist!: Max out city’s Prosperity.

Platinum Trophy:

  • Digimon World Conqueror!: Acquire all trophies.

The PS4 version of Digimon World: Next Order will release in Europe on January 27th, in North America on January 31st, and in Japan as Digimon World: Next Order International Edition on February 26th.


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