The Mary Sue, Calgary Expo Head To Court In January Over #GamerGate Fallout
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2016)

The Honey Badgers Brigade is a media outlet that gained tons of attention when they were kicked out of the Calgary Expo convention back in 2015 on the unsubstantiated grounds of harassment. The charge of harassment was due to them asking questions during a panel discussion at the Calgary Expo. Well, after filing a lawsuit against The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo, and after plenty of legal lingo has permeated the news media surrounding the event, they’re finally going to have their day in court.

Karen Straughan from Honey Badger Radio posted up a nine minute video explaining where they are with the lawsuit and gives a quick overview of why they’re taking The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo to court and how gamers can help. You can check out the video below, which was recently posted to Karen Straughan’s YouTube channel.

The court date for the lawsuit is set to take place on January 12th, 2017 next month. It will be located at the Alberta Provincial Court in Calgary, Canada, room 1508.

So some of you might be wondering why The Mary Sue is listed in the lawsuit if Calgary Expo staff was the one who kicked out the Honey Badgers and made the claim that they were there harassing people under the guise of a #GamerGate operation? Well, aftr Calgary Expo claimed that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign aimed at attacking female gamers/feminist, even though the FBI’s report indicates that there was no harassment campaign, The Mary Sue made fiery statements about the event, attributing wrongful actions to the Honey Badgers and used their platform to misconstrue what happened.

According to Straughan they see this as an opportunity to finally hold the media accountable, where she states…

“We want to put forward the best possible case we can. And we want to – for once, for a change – hold the media to account for publishing things that are not just biased, not just with spin, but downright untrue.”

Publishing untrue, damaging information about people actually did come back to bite the Rolling Stone in the butt, particularly with the fake UVA rape story.

As for The Mary Sue… the article was originally published back in April of 2015, and the comment section was closed. However, to their credit, The Mary Sue did update the story multiple times, including linking to the Honey Badgers’ audio capture of the event, which you can listen to below.

Opposite of The Mary Sue, after listening to the audio The Daily Caller proclaimed…

“[…] that even by the most liberal interpretation of the word, no harassment took place. That claim is risible.”

Due to the Honey Badgers keeping evidence on hand and having witnesses who could provide testimony about what actually happened, The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo have tried procrastinating any trial dates to avoid facing the facts. However, after a lot of expenses and a lot of hard work on behalf of the Honey Badgers, they managed to nail down a date in court.

They do have a hurdle to overcome in the form of expenses… very steep expenses. They’re attempting to crowdsource funds to help get all of the witnesses from across the country into Calgary so they can offer their testimony in court, and they’re hoping to cover all the travel expenses.

Right now they’re seeking to get $15,400 in the pot to fly out all of the witnesses in time to hit the court date, as well as pay for accommodations and legal fees. They’ve raised $3,780 as of the writing of this article and have 13 days left to accrue the necessary funds to hit their target. If you want to contribute to the cause, you can do so by visiting the Feed the Badger donation page.

Finally having the media face their day in court for misrepresentation could pave the way for holding more media outlets accountable for misleading readers and attempting to distort the facts to falsely portray a situation to fit their ideology.

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  • Reaper of Salt

    Not to mention that The Mary Sue’s Editor-and-cunt chief Sam Maggs started tweeting that bullshit due to her BF Teddy Wilson which just so happens to be one of the MAJOR contributors to Calgary Expo.

  • Alistair

    Let me be clear they got a hell of a lot of explaining to back up that claim billy.

    GG was Not a harassment group, it was a consumer revolt, so as example is boycotting a product consider a harassment now.

    Calling out the LIES as harassment now.

    No on both counts, I boycott because I do not support censorship, I find negative bias reviews not very helpful.

    I found LIES disgusting and can’t be trusted. Those views are not harassment too.

    It gonna be a interesting new year.

    • Yeah, 2017 looks to be getting off to a good start if the Honey Badgers can pull out a win here. I’m also curious how they’re going to spin harassment given that there’s no citable evidence that GG was ever a harassment campaign, but there is plenty of evidence showing that it isn’t. It’s going to require the most weaselly of weasel wording for TMS to escape being penetrated by the thick, dry schlong of justice.

  • Alistair

    Well I be dam that will and should have happen years ago, put these nut jobs SJWs up in court.

    You got a complaint take into a court, both sides duke it out.

    Instead of years and years of slander to gamers, let hear the excuses these Mary Sue SJWs have to say to a judge.

    Obviously I’m gonna be bias & hope the SJWs will come a cropper, because the very same people want to come a cropper the video games industry.

    Before they scream blue murder, hoping & predicting is not the same thing as influencing the outcome.

    I have no idea of where the hammer will fall, all I know is THEY will try to twist and sly they way out of it,

  • MusouTensei

    I hope they can kick some SJW ass.

  • TT

    As a Canadian, I hope The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo take a heavy hit. God knows we have enough shit to deal with, especially after the Gregory Allan Elliot trial. I’ll gladly contribute what I can to the cause when I can, these deluded fucks need to finally face consequences for their shitty actions.

    • GeekVariety

      Every little bit helps TT and we appreciate everyones support on this one. Hopefully this can set a precedent to hold sites like TMS and venues like the Calgary Expo accountable for their actions. It was a bummer when the whole Eron Gjoni thing kinda fizzled out, but Alison is seeing this through to the end, and it looks pretty good for our side.

  • Bitterbear

    Time to dig up some dirt and see if this is another Gregory Allan Elliot where in court you find out that the reason for the stalling was cronyism in court.

    • GeekVariety

      As far as Im aware, that’s not the case. Its more along the lines that TMS and CX know they don’t have a leg to stand on so they’ve been trying to drag this thing out to help dry out Alisons wallet so she folds, but that’s not gonna happen. Alison’s sticking this out til the end.

  • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης


  • Good write-up, thanks Billy.

    I’ve been wondering how things were going regarding this. I used to watch their YouTube channel quite often last year.

    The whole incident angered me back then because it’s just yet another example of how nobody can ever speak up against the sweet and innocent ideology of feminism without getting censored or kicked out of events.

    Just a fucking bunch of man-hating authoritarians.

    • NP.

      Also, have you had any trouble commenting on this site? Some people on the Facebook page said the comment section wasn’t loading for them.

      • Personally I have never had any trouble commenting on this site.

        Months ago there were a few occassions where the Disqus comment system wouldn’t load on your site, but it eventually fixed itself.

      • Bitterbear

        Apparently Disqus is having server trouble. Hopefully it’s just that and not an experiment on shadowbanning.

        • Hm, okay. Thanks for the heads-up. They didn’t say anything to me about it (weird because they don’t let up about wanting to run ads on the site).

  • GeekVariety

    Thanks for the write up. The Badgers are pretty confident in their footing on this one, so fingers crossed things should turn out favorably. Hopefully it can be an expedient process in court and we can get past this nonsense and hold TMS and the others involved accountable for their dishonest actions.