Last Man Standing, Battle Royale-Like Game Now Available

There’s a new Battle Royale-like game coming out that will be available to play today. The name of the game is Last Man Standing, and the indie Early Access game is published and developed by Free Reign Entertainment and Pixel Fighters. Last Man Standing is set to release on December 22nd. today, for PC via Steam Early Access.

Gamers who are fans of movies that pit people in an ever-shrinking battlefield like The Hunger Games or The Condemned, or fans who enjoy games like The Culling, will likely want to keep an eye on Last Man Standing, because it fits the bill. The description for title sits below for folks to look over.

“Fight other players to the death in a battle royale style elimination shootout on a large map that slowly shrinks forcing heated combat with all sorts of rewards and progression unlockables for your character!”

Like any other last man standing game mode or movie, folks are tasked with the job to stay alive until the end of a mission, in order to be awarded with special prizes. While trying to outwit, outgun and outplay over 100 players in the massive island arena, you can pick up and use different guns and armor to protect yourself to heighten your chances of survival.

Now I’m not too big on loot crates and stuff, especially when it calls for you to pay actual cash to get whatever it is that you are looking for in those crates. But what makes crates the worst is when they contain stat-stacking items in them, which creates a power-creep system that ultimately locks powerful stuff behind a paywall making the overall game unbalanced and pay-2-win.

With that said, Last Man Standing has a crate system that is said to contain pure cosmetic items for weapons and clothes. The system to unlock these crates can be unlocked through leveling up, and according to the devs can be opened any time and do not require keys or any purchasing method to use…

“Your account can level up and prestige endlessly meaning the more you play, the more levels you’ll gain and crates you’ll obtain! Crates can be opened any time and do not require keys or any further purchase to use!”

If this game seems like something worth checking out, YouTuber PsiSyndicate has a video up showing players what is currently available in the game.

For more information regarding Last Man Standing you can either visit its Steam Early Access page or its main site.


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