Life Is Feudal, MMO Edition Enters CBT December 14th
(Last Updated On: December 1, 2016)

Xsolla and BitBox have announced that the MMO version of Life Is Feudal will enter into closed beta testing starting December 14th. The game is currently out and available right now as a solo experience, known as Life Is Feudal: Your Own. You can pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store for $39.99.

The MMO edition of the game will open up the game world to a much larger audience, where gamers will be forced to survive, grow strong and combat the challenges from surviving in the wild.

Vladimir Piskunov, CEO of BitBox, commented about the game’s MMO version entering into closed beta testing, stating in the press release..

“Gamers are familiar with the stress of repeatedly failing to beat that difficult boss or progressing through a difficult level. But, gamers also know the excitement that makes one feel eager and energized at the same time, when they are so close to finishing their favorite game, […] These are the same feelings we are experiencing at our studio as Life is Feudal: MMO’s closed beta launch is upon us. Having invested six years in the development and all the mini bosses we faced in making Life is Feudal, we are just a few steps away from our full release.”

Life Is Feudal features non-targeting combat, physics-based gameplay, customizable characters and structural construction that can take place in the large open-world.

However, for those of you who already own the single-player version of the game… you’ll have to register separately for the MMO version. In order to gain access to the MMO game you’ll need to purchase a bronze, silver or gold contribution pack. The bronze will run for $40 and offer you a title, some in-game currency and a 30-day premium account. The $60 gold tier gives you a 60 day premium account, more than 1,000 points and a free copy of the single-player game. The $100 tier features 1,800 cash-shop points, 90 day access to the premium version of the game and free access to the Life is Feudal: Your Own single-player game.

It should go without saying that people who already paid for the single-player game are none too pleased with this turn of events from Bitbox, and they certainly held nothing back in making their displeasure known on the game’s forums.

The developer hopped into the forum to offer an explanation as to why they’re charging for the upcoming MMO closed beta test, writing…

“Most package purchases will be based around the fact that people will enjoy having multiple characters or sharing access tickets to friends or guild mates. People will enjoy a toolset and a small headstart in the test. In the big picture these thank you items and 6 hours means little and definitely not outrage inducing as your post title suggests.


“[…] we hope you can understand the reasons and small bonuses we are offering people who choose to purchase these packs.”

You can learn more about the game’s closed beta MMO test by visiting the official Life is Feudal website.

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