Mighty No. 9 Rewards Still Haven’t Shipped For Some Backers
(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Comcept has been in hot water with gamers ever since Mighty No. 9 was repeatedly delayed under poorly communicated circumstances, and then released in a way that left many feeling as if there was much to be desired out of the finished product. Well, those who helped back the Kickstarter are still peeved that some of the things they paid for still have yet to arrive.

TheGG did an article highlighting the continued disgruntlement from backers of the original Mighty No. 9 Kickstarter. It started with a post on Reddit’s /r/Games/ where a user wrote…

“Mighty No. 9 was finally released on June 21st, and almost 6 months later Comcept has not sent out any physical rewards other than t-shirts early in the year. Those who backed the game for the handheld versions have just been told by Engine Software (the company porting the game) that it is in development with no scheduled release date. Mighty No 9 twitter and kickstarter page has been silent since September 15th as well.”

Nick Monroe, an infrequent contributor to One Angry Gamer, also put together a comment collage of all the people who have asked about and have not received an answer regarding their Kickstarter rewards.

The comments were taken directly off the Kickstarter page for Mighty No. 9.

Some users have begun speculating about possible release windows for the content, with user Wakko quoting another user who estimated that the rewards might be sent out in early 2017, possibly in January…

“Any idea who gave the estimated January or early 2017 release of the rewards. I believe the only one who made such a guess was Fangamer, and even they don’t know if that’s the case anymore. Still waiting for those “key assets” from Comcept!”

I did reach out to Comcept regarding the release of the backer rewards and whether there was an estimate or any information to share regarding this troubling circumstance, but as of the publishing of this article there has been no response from Comcept.

Originally, Mighty No. 9 was released back in late June of 2016. The game was part of a very troubled development that became quite controversial. Nevertheless, gamers were at least expecting on the promised goods to be delivered, including 3D printed boss models and other paraphernalia like t-shirts and concept art. According to the Kickstarter page the rewards were supposed to be delivered back in April of 2015, but there’s been no word or update on when they’ll be shipped out to backers. The handheld version of Mighty No. 9 have also been indefinitely on hold.

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  • Syb3rStrife

    I still haven’t received my digital copy of the game let alone the rewards and contacting them is a nightmare. :/

  • Ebalosus

    Once again: Why isn’t this being covered by the major gaming news outlets?

    Oh wait, I know: “Who cares! It’s Scam Citizen that people have to worry about!”

    • It may take a little while but they might eventually cover it. Most are focused on trying to cover news to get hits, but Kotaku will likely find a spin (if they haven’t already) to get people talking.

  • Still haven’t received two codes here…

    • TT

      i only got dlc codes for skins. Christ, I only got one of two shirts and a stupid looking plushy so far.

  • Hawk Hopper

    I basically left this comment on The Gaming Ground, but here it is again. The responsibility for high tier rewards has passes around. Fangamer said they only made some of the rewards, but Comcept is responsible for high tier rewards. But Fangamer has been producing some of the rewards for 2017.

    (Check the video at 20 minutes)


    • Hawk Hopper

      Another interesting thing in this documentary is about Dina. They basically said that Dina didn’t design any of the game, but in her logs, she claimed she did:


      • Given SJWs having a penchant for self-promotion and lying incessantly, I have no idea how much of that is her actually telling the truth.

        • Hawk Hopper

          And with how muddled, confused, and sloppy everything was with the development of Might no. 9, I wonder if an SJW could convince the devs to implement the SJW’s ulterior motives into the game.

      • Right now, nobody apart from the staff knows how much Dina Karam contributed to the design of the game.

        But I am of the opinion that this SJW was the one that caused the whole project to spiral downhill.

        Ever since the drama developed surrounding this parasite, the entire atmosphere of the project was not the same since. There was a very dark cloud of bitterness since she got fired.

        The “anime prom night” joke regarding their trailer is an example of this. I think it was an masked attack on the fans.

        I would personally guess that Karam didn’t have much direct input into the design of the game, but I reckon she must’ve whined and moaned a lot to influence some of the design.

        • Ehh… I agree to a point. Dina was the catalyst for a whole bunch of problems that plagued the game later down the line, but I don’t think we can dismiss both incompetence and the mismanagement of funds, either. I would consider her to be a precursor for what came afterwards, like GamerGate with Trump.

          • Yeah, I’m not dismissing the incompetence and mismanagement of funds, they play a part as well.

            The whole thing has pretty much been a shit show.