Minion Masters: Guide To Learning The Basics

During the holiday season quite a few folks set out pick up games and fill out their library. In result, there are a lot of people likely looking for help with some of those new games they received because they have no idea how to play the game. BetaDwarf’s Minion Masters is no exception to the rule, where plenty of people may be looking for ways to understand how to make use of the basic mechanics in the game. In this guide folks will learn about and grasp an understanding of the core mechanics for the new game.  The game is currently out now for PC and is available through Steam Early Access.

If you are a fan of strategy games and happen to have the game Minion Masters and are looking for a basic guide detailing the game, hopefully this guide will help you out.

Starting things off, the description for the strategy minion-based game sits below — that is if you are looking for a brief summary for Minion Masters.

“Choose your Minion Master and collect an army of Minions to go head-to-head with other players online, in a real-time minion battle!”

The game is actually quite simple, and you’ll likely get the hang of the basic concept after playing a couple of rounds. With that said, the game focuses heavily on countering your opponent’s attacks/moves. Depending on your defense maneuvers will ensure that your minions can get close enough to strike the enemy’s core.

The above is also summed up in a humorous teaser trailer below.

In the “First Look” video by YouTuber BumpyMcSquigums, we see him having the option to pick from four cards or summons. These four consist of a well-rounded Warrior, a Plasma Marine that is fast but weak, a Living Statute that has a lot of health but can only attack buildings, and a Swarmer that hold low health but can dish out quick damage. There are many more types that are revealed in the video that happen to sit below.

The most important part is building up your field to have multiple backup plans so that when the going gets tough you can deny any vital attacks. It’s also important to learn minions and to create signature moves with other minions to create follow up attacks while your enemy is trying recover from your blows. This tactic will either slowly cripple your enemy or allow you to recover to gain a good footing in a match.

Minion Masters is out now and currently runs for $19.99 on Steam Early Access. For more information on this game


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