Yuppie Psycho, Mashinky, Pawarumi And More Enter Steam Greenlight

There seems to be a decent amount of games that hit Steam Greenlight that aren’t that bad looking compared to the daily flammable garbage that hits the platform. These Greenlight games include mysteries, tower defense, spaceship shooters, and a train sim for folks to look over, which are all slated for PC.

This method for compiling a bunch of Greenlight games into one piece is quite different from the typical¬† Greenlight coverage given to one game in a single article. This time around, seeing how there are multiple games that don’t look like viruses or contain stolen assets, simply took me by surprise. So with that said you can check out the latest five entries that are currently on Steam Greenlight, seeking out your hard earned votes.

The first game up is a mystery title by Baroque Decay. The devs seek to bring a 1990’s vibe to the atmosphere, along with cyberpunk themes sprinkled throughout with anime-like cutscenes. The mystery game, Yuppie Psycho, follows a new guy named Brian who starts working for a powerful company named Sintracorp, which the rest can be seen in the trailer below.

You can either vote or find out more about Yuppie Psycho by heading over to Steam Greenlight or yuppiepsycho.com.

Quite a bit of folks like Farming Simulator 17 and other sim games dealing with handling everyday stuff from buses/trucks driving around to trains delivering goods. Well, developer Jan Zeleny set out to make a train tycoon game named Mashinky that places you in charge of building a proper “Train Tycoon”. The game is already getting mad praise and can be seen below in its latest trailer.

If you want to vote for Mashinky you can head on over to Greenlight. To find out more regarding this project you can hit up mashinky.com.

Most tower defense games are either widely accepted or left in the dark to rot, and most of the times on Greenlight, seeing how they are bad ports of mobile versions, they take the latter route. Managing to produce the game without stealing assets or containing any bad code, developer Edemic Games is receiving some fairly nice feedback from gamers on the platform with their project Protocol Defense.

If future Sci-Fi RTS games are your thing you can vote for this game by heading over to Steam Greenlight, or you can find out more by checking out the team’s Facebook page.

Keeping the theme of Sci-Fi going comes Pawarumi. The colorful bullet-hell game sees folks shooting, dodging and snagging any pickups available throughout the 2D three-dimensional stages in hopes of surviving the barrage of enemies. Manufacture 43‘s game can be seen below.

To support this game you can head on over to Steam Greenlight or manufacture43.com.

Silence in Space is a point-and-click game that takes Sci-Fi and horror elements and mixes the two together to make up what is now present on Greenlight. The developer behind this game has a trailer for you to watch which sits below.

If this game seems like something worth following you can help support it by hitting up Steam Greenlight seeing how the dev behind the game has no other sites.

If the above games seem somewhat interesting you can further check up on them by hitting up their links. Lastly, each game is set to come out for PC during the early part of 2017.


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