NieR: Automata Demo Videos Appreciate 2B’s Skirt And Panties
(Last Updated On: December 27, 2016)

It should come as no surprise that given the very shapely curvature of the protagonist’s lower half in NieR: Automata that there is now a dedicated sub-culture on YouTube providing gamers with various videos centered on different camera angles to “appreciate” the attire of 2B.

One such video from YouTube outlet Yuu Channel clocks in at six and a half minutes, featuring a focus solely on the callipygian design of 2B. The video is labeled as an appreciation” collage of 2B’s pantsu and skirt. You can check it out below.

Some of the upskirt shots are rudely interrupted by 2B’s automated response to swap the camera away or turn around so that the player can no longer fixate their gaze on her underoos.

The video even goes so far as to slow things down so everyone can appreciate the time and effort Platinum Games put into 2B and her Renaissance-quality curves.

But it doesn’t end there. YouTuber Lunis Vancroft put together a short compilation – three minutes and 33 seconds to be exact – featuring little more than 2B climbing and sliding down ladders. “Why?” you might be asking. Well, it’s better to show you than to tell you.

Lunis doesn’t just go for the standard upskirt shot of 2B, he goes for the slow-motion effect as she climbs and slides down the ladder, complete with a zoomed in camera shot. It’s like NieR: Automata: Gravure Edition.

Anyways, it was obvious this was going to be a strong focus for some people just due to the fact that the character model has such a shapely design and is wearing the kind of outfit that Britney Spears might sport on stage… though admittedly she’s actually wearing a lot more than what Britney Spears usually wears on stage.

Regardless, you can look for NieR: Automata to launch for the PlayStation and PC in 2017, starting February 23rd in Japan on PS4, followed by the North American release on March 7th.

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  • The mods for this game will be beautiful.

  • Oh gee, I can’t wait to see Western games media dedicate entire sections of their articles to this issue when they review the game. (but completely ignoring or praising the Yaoi) *rolleyes*

    • Also I would like to add, it’s very telling and dissapointing that when it comes to female character fanservice of this level, it’s only Japanese-developed games that have it.

      For example, in this article by The Gaming Ground, 11 of the 13 games listed are from Japanese developers:

      Hopefully Western developers will rediscover their balls in 2017.

      • EroBotan

        there is also problem with the gamers themself. Example: It’s common to see Dark Souls 2 players who are hating the sexy Desert Sorceress costume & claim it doesn’t belong to the game, bla bla bla.

        • Yeah that’s true. Fuck these normiefags as well.

          Gonna take some time to reverse all the Sarkeesian and MSGM crap that’s been completely indoctrinated into these pricks.

          • It’s in the school system. Boys are being ingrained and taught to be sissy, beta, cuckolded prison bait.

            They’ll continue to fight against their own nature because the school system is now teaching them that. Hence, you see these morons in videos and trailers and on Kuntaku articles decrying any form of female sexuality, unless it’s some hardcore lesbian who “doesn’t need no man” and fits with the feminist agenda, and then it’s okay.

            But you are right that the MSM has helped perpetuate and fuel the indoctrination. Unless more alt-media pop up (and survive Obama’s censorship mandate for “fake news”) it’s going to be an uphill struggle to get boys their balls back.

          • Couldn’t have said it better.

            Whilst I don’t really trust Donald Trump, I hope he gets rid of the Common Core. I think that is part of the problem.

          • Trump fired a staffer for saying they needed to further look into Pizzagate. I never really liked Trump, but silencing people calling for investigations is out and out bullsh*t.

            He also decided NOT to pursue a criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation, even with all the shady BS going on there. And now more than ever there should be a thorough investigation. I’m glad some Repubs still have their balls and are opening back up the case to look further into the e-mail scandal because Trump doesn’t seem to have any interest in it. I’m pretty sure those private e-mails will tie all of the BS together, between the Clinton Foundation, PizzaGate, Anthony Weiner and a buttload of corruption from the DNC (and likely a bunch of fail-tier Republicans).

          • Those are worrisome signs.

            I’ve always felt that even if he was elected, he’d end up being part of the establishment, and merely a sock-puppet. What you described may be small signs of this.

            Honestly, I think the only difference he’ll make is control immigration and changing the economy. The rest will pretty much remain the pile of shit it is.

            However, he has fired up and motivated the alternative media/anti-SJWs/anti-PC groups though. Which is a good thing. Once again I think the fight against the SJWs will have to come from the people, and not Trump.

            Trump’s going to just sit back and be as diplomatic as possible in order to not piss off any sides. Which of course means nothing progresses.

          • However, he has fired up and motivated the alternative media/anti-SJWs/anti-PC groups though. Which is a good thing. Once again I think the fight against the SJWs will have to come from the people, and not Trump.

            Yeah, gotta agree here. He seems to have lit a fire under the bottoms of alt-media to really take it to the establishment and call out their BS, as well as make SJWs shed more tears than a knitting club watching an English Patient marathon on Lifetime.

          • SmithDoc

            the alt-media exists because they’ve figured out how to spin an underdog narrative to you. but they are, in truth, another form of mainstream media, feeding you a narrative that most closely corresponds to your interpretation of the world, in order to keep you “hooked”.

          • SmithDoc

            trump’s election will most likely reduce the influence and power of the presidency like never before. he’ll essentially be controlled by congress into tailoring bills as they see fit. congress learned to ignore obama – they’ll do the same with trump, because ultimately it’s better for career politicians that any president remain as ineffective as possible. we’ve now seen the rise of a congress that has the lowest approval ratings in history – no one likes it, but its too large a beast for a deliberately divided country to do something about.

          • TylorW

            Maybe I’m just talking out of my ass here, but I don’t think it’s that Trump doesn’t want to pursue the matter, but rather that he can’t do so yet without looking like a raving lunatic.

            Considering the recent events with Obama going behind Trump’s back and putting forth obstacles in the president-elect’s path before he takes office (and the media being fine with it all the way), it will take some time for him to undo many of the things that have been done by the current administration. With things like PizzaGate, time and secrecy are key before progress can be made, because if he announces right away that he’s going to investigate such matters (or if his intentions are found out through his associates), the media, Obama, and all of their friends will pounce on him and destroy any credibility related to the matter, and make him seem insane and untrustworthy as an added bonus.

            Trust me, I want him to nail as many of these pricks to the wall as possible as the next guy, but it’s gonna take time and patience to do so considering the current political and social environment.

          • You’re definitely right about the whole thing requiring some tact and finesse. I suppose if he goes about it in a secret enough manner and the eventually drops the hammer, it’ll be for the better.

            It just didn’t inspire a lot of confidence seeing one of his staffers get axed because he didn’t toe the media’s line that PizzaGate is a “debunked” “fake news” story. But yeah, there’s a lot of roadblocks and obstacles in the way that they’ve set up to make getting things done difficult. Trump’s cabinet also seems to inspire little hope, given that it features a lot of the rotten fish from the swamp that people wanted drained.

          • SmithDoc

            what if i told you that all of these interpretations of reality you’re adhering to are the product of media storytelling – storytelling that seeks to make you feel empowered, and thus get your clicks, increase the value of your data profile, and enable marketers to more effectively target you? i can’t believe you’re wasting your brain cells running around these rat mazes the right wing media has set up for you.

          • Everything you said would make sense if I actually paid any mind to alt-media. I understand its role in disseminating information the mainstream won’t touch, but trying to turn the alt-media’s take on mainstream media’s disinformation campaigns as some “Right conspiracy” is just brazenly asinine.

            It’s an irrefutable FACT that mainstream is pushing lies, defamation and libel like no tomorrow. The Wikileaks e-mails and actual news stories proved as much. I don’t know any partisan media to tell or show me that. There is no “storytelling”, just corruption. And anyone trying to downplay the effects and appearance of said corruption has blinded themselves on the dividing lines of partisanship.

      • >Hopefully Western developers will rediscover their balls in 2017.

        Those are DLC these days.

        • Well yeah, but still it doesn’t really make up for the fact that Western developers have been completely fear-mongered into suppressing their artistic freedom by not creating any sexy female characters any more.

          For example, Cortana.

          It’s the same with Mods as well, despite the sheer excellence of sexy female mods (which I am very appreciative of), it doesn’t really make up for it.

  • EroBotan

    good men appreciate good booty!

  • Blake

    I tried to do the same thing with Arkham City but that darn cape kept getting in the way

    • Use the batman beyond skin as it has no cape.

    • Yeah. It’s funny hearing Anita Sarkeesian say that kind of thing in her Strategic Butt Coverings video.

      Whilst she whines non-stop about how displaying and looking at women’s butts are sexist and a massive problem, she fully admits that she wanted to do the same to Batman. Hypocrisy levels over the roof.

      But I guess double-standards in SJWs/feminists are nothing new.

      • SmithDoc

        or perhaps she was simply admitting to the broader complexity of human experience – in which concepts like hypocrisy are the products of shallow, enfeebled thinking? i don’t think anita is so dumb as to not realize *why* game devs make these creative decisions – it’s because people want them. she’s simply critiquing that creative decision, while not ignoring that it’s really just a symptom of a broader cultural trend.

        • she’s simply critiquing that creative decision, while not ignoring that it’s really just a symptom of a broader cultural trend.

          That’s idiotic. It’s as simple as “men like hot women”. That’s it. It’s how our species have lasted as long as it has. As soon as men and women stop finding each other sexually attractive, the species dies off.

          “broader cultural trend” is a weaselly way of saying that she doesn’t have the intellectual depth to tackle serious or topically interesting subject matter so she goes for the lowest hanging fruit on the tree. Yes, men like butts, there’s an Ice-T song about it. Yes, men like boobs, I’m sure there are plenty of songs about that too. Sex sells. It’s as old as the oldest stories known to man.

          There’s absolutely nothing complex about any of what she “admitted” to. Complexity is understanding the difference in allure between turn-based strategy games and real-time strategy games: why do some people prefer to plot battle tactics out while others prefer to execute in real-time?

          Complexity is examining the difference of why some game tropes resonate more strongly with a broader audience than others (and not simply shoehorning in predisposed affirmations to fit a critical agenda).

          Complexity is looking into why some players prefer some heroes over others depending on the situation: people loved Raiden in MGS IV and Revengeance but hated him in MGS II. Or why certain control configurations have become more desired over others? Etc., etc., etc.

          Those are complex topics Sarkeesian could have toppled. Berating developers for providing thirst young men with hot women is the stupidest series of critiques I’ve ever encountered.

          • Robert Driscoll

            I can hear that mic dropping from here!

          • Alistair

            And females like hot men with they manly pecs big bungles.

            Even if it just a character in a video game.

            And Antia drools at them but, scorn male gamers looking at hot females. It called a fair trade off.

  • FlamingoJet