NieR: Automata PC Version Coming Soon Along With Demo

New information regarding NieR: Automata has surfaces and pertains to the PC version via Steam and the demo. Square Enix released this information through a press release to re-correct some misinformation about the PC release date for the game, and that the demo will be playable in the coming weeks. NieR: Automata is set to launch for PC and PS4, with the latter set to debut on March 7th in North America and March 10th in Europe.

You read right, the PC version won’t debut on the same date as the PS4 version, which came in as a correction by a Square Enix rep that the PC version will release sometime in 2017 for gamers to have a second platform to pick from after the PS4 version debuts.

A while back during the Tokyo Game Show you might remember that the director of NieR: Automata, Yoko Taro, made a very strange but obvious reference to a Steam version of the hack-and-slash game in a video? If you don’t remember you can watch the original video thanks to MiiSeeks who posted the PC version’s announcement.

This information regarding the PC version supposedly arriving on the same day as the PS4 version comes in by Politically Correct Gamer, I mean… PCGamer, which had to update the post to reflect that the PC version is still up in the air.

But, there is good news for those who seek to play the hack-and-slash game early seeing how Square Enix announced on the that…

“For fans eager to get their hands on the game, we’re happy to announce a consumer demo will be available for free download on PSN soon! That’s right, players will soon be able to annihilate hordes of invading machine lifeforms in order to retake the planet.”

Additionally, folks will be able to download and play the demo through the PlayStation Store sometime near the end of this month (or possibly early 2017) according to the devs noting the demo to release at “the end-of-2016”, which producer Yosuke Saito added:

“I want users to properly experience NieR: Automata with a demo of a 30-to-40 minute, sit-down-and-play kind of volume.”

The PS4 release date for Automata was announced at the PlayStation Experience 2016 event, which the release for the game is set to debut on March 7th in North America and March 10th in Europe. Although the PC version is set to “come soon” and is slated for “2017”, the devs also detailed the Black Box and Day One editions of NieR: Automata over on the for fans to look over.

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