No Man’s Sky 1.12 Patch Adds new Mod Installation Method

Hello Games updated No Man’s Sky recently on PC following the 1.1 Foundation update a short while ago. Over on the official Steam page the developers posted up a quick changelog listing some of the things they’ve added and fixed for the PC version of No Man’s Sky.

The top priority of the patch was for the mod installations, where they state…

“Following reports of some people experiencing issues with the game while unsupported mods are installed, we’ve added mod detection which will show a warning screen on loading when mods are detected. A mouse click or button press will dismiss this screen. We have also introduced a new method for mod installation which should prevent player’s games from breaking when a new update is released.”

They fixed monitor detection issues, a couple of rare crashes, a few bugs involving NPCs giving you critical mission dialogue, as well as a temporary fix for some SLI issues that people ran into with their Nvidia cards.

After a long bout of silence, and a disappointing investigation from the ASA, Hello Games came roaring back onto the scene with the new 1.1 update entitled “Foundation”, which set the basic building blocks for the base building, modular structure designs, new NPC recruits and new freight ships that can be sent to and from destinations in space.

There are a lot of possibilities and opportunities for No Man’s Sky now that the game is actively being fixed again. If Hello Games maintains a proper pace with outputting worthwhile and quality content for the open-world space sim, they just might be able to recover their reputation in the long run.

In the interim, people still have a lot of embitterment and bad blood for Hello Games over the way No Man’s Sky was marketed, but they’re slowly warming people up after they tossed out that 1.1 update. They plan on putting out additional content for the game with more free updates in the future.

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