Overbite Successfully Greenlit For Steam

The indie game from Hotdog Laserhouse called Overbite was recently seeking votes on the Steam Greenlight platform so that they could be approved to have their title appear on the Steam store. Well, after a couple of weeks of voting and seeking approval from the community, the developers managed to achieve their goal and get Greenlit for Steam.

The game was originally designed for a game jam hosted by Clickteam, but they left a ton of concepts and ideas on the cutting room floor. Well, with the possibility of being added to Steam, the team promised to finish and flesh out Overbite to include everything they had to leave out during the game jam. This is includes a minimum of 15 levels to play through, around eight different abilities to utilize, a save progress feature, three major boss fights, six environment types and lots and lots and lots of bad vampire puns.

Now that I’ve discussed what the game hopes to feature, it’s time to talk about what it’s actually about. Overbite is based on the concept of Dracula being defeated by Van Helsing but he doesn’t die. Instead, Dracula goes to sleep for centuries, waiting for the Van Helsing bloodline to vanish so that he can walk the Earth again.

Well, it turns out that Dracula wakes up in modern day times and he’s become somewhat of a pop cultural icon, complete with tourists roaming his castle. This is where players come in… they take control of Dracula in hopes of sneaking around, biting tourists and draining them of their blood. You can take a look at the gameplay with the trailer below.

Now that the game has officially been Greenlit for Steam, you can likely expect to see all of the features listed above come to fruition for the game.

There’s no due date on when you can expect to play Overbite, but it’s likely expected to launch as soon as they finish up and add in all of the game’s content.


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