Paul Pixel Proves Ordinary Guys Can Still Be Super Heroes

An upcoming indie game from Xoron called Paul Pixel: The Awakening is about an average guy who must save the world from an invasion of alien zombies. The comedic point-and-click title is designed to take the piss out of today’s edge-of-your-seat, safe-space-loving, censorship-driven climate of outrage culture. It’s a little bit of a throwback to classic gaming before all the identity politics pundits came in and ruined everything.

You’re just an average guy attempting to escape from a quarantined city that’s suffering from an infectious zombie outbreak spread by aliens. Paul is forced into the role of a hero after realizing that escape isn’t possible without saving the world along the way. Wry humor, awkward comedy and plenty of bodily fluids will help flesh out the journey along the way. You can check out the trailer below.

Now Paul Pixel is no interactive dissertation through the use of pixel storytelling about the social commentaries of all the ills plaguing our everyday society. It’s on average a three hour game that pokes fun at a few things and lets gamers have a laugh every once in a while to keep the mood light and the good times going good.

The gameplay is described as being similar to classic point-and-click adventures from the 1990s, such as Zac McKraken, Maniac Mansion and Beneath A Steel Sky. I never conquered Beneath A Steel Sky but I absolutely adored that game’s aesthetic and thematic elements. It was one of those pure sci-fi adventures that reminded me of Blade Runner meets Brazil meets Dune.

But more presently, Paul Pixel kindles some semblance to another indie darling: McPixel, which was one of the very first games to get greenlit for Steam.

You can look for Paul Pixel: The Awakening to save the world on Steam starting January 9th, 2017 next month. If you would like to add the game to your wishlist you can do so by visiting the Steam store page.


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