Project Zomboid Gains Drivable Car Mod With Passenger Support
(Last Updated On: December 14, 2016)

Project Zomboid has an extremely large world map that covers all of West Point Kentucky and the Muldraugh area, and is constantly expanding with new areas with various updates. The major problem with this is that you have to travel across the entire city by foot.

Fans have been asking the developers at the Indie Stone for cars for years now. They have teased that cars were coming once upon a time, but then years went by and we never heard anything about it again. So the community took matters into their own hands and turned to the Steam Workshop to make their own content to add things they wanted in the game that the developers have held off on.

The cars mod, made by user Nolan ritchie from nolanritchie’s Steam Workshop has made a standard single player mod, as well as a multiplayer version of the same mod. The mod places cars into the world of Project Zomboid, cars that you can actually drive and interact with.

The cars have quite a few features too, such as specific car keys for every car; you have to use gas cans to fill the car up, and while it is sitting idle it will use less gas than when driving; and weight affects the gas amount as well so that it burns more fuel when the car is heavier.

Each vehicle can also take damage from crashing, even if you crash into other zombies, so you will have to take care of your car and maintain it. The cars even have heating and cooling options to help you survive harsh weather conditions. They also added options to repair the car using electronics, scraps and tools so that if the car breaks down you can scavenge for parts to get it back up an running again. The mod creator even added an airplane as well that can actually fly, which I have to admit is pretty cool.

The only problem is that the game engine itself limits the 3D car size to 256×256 box sizes, meaning all the 3D cars are currently really small, and the drive-able car models are all a small little jeep right now until the mod is finished so that they can add more content. The small jeep size can’t be increased until the developers at The Indie Stone increases the 3D model box size for players and objects, so the mod is limited to the small 256×256 size. Before the mod was updated to have 3D cars, Nolan Ritchie had 2D cars in the mod instead, but they only have 8 directions so they click around when you drive the car.

To give you an example of how the cars work, Nolan Ritchie uploaded several videos for both the 2D version of cars and the 3D version, so take a look at a few of the videos from Nolan’s YouTube Channel that I linked below.

If you are on build 34 you will only have the 2D cars. If you want the 3D cars apparently you need to update to build 35 or have the model loader mod. If you are interested in learning more, check out Nolan Ritchie’s Steam Workshop page for additional details.

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  • WolfBlitzed

    I backed this like four or five years ago when it first launched and I’m still confused if this is even a game yet or just a a series of alpha builds that rely on other people making mods to add actual mechanics.

    • Nick

      The latter. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game and it is probably one of my favorites on the list, but the developers kind of add in things that’s not necessary… like metalworking. It was promoted as a Zombie survival game, but now it is turning into a Minecraft clone where you just build your base.

      When I play the game I almost never build a base, I stay as a scavenger and just use an existing house as a base of operations, and if it gets overrun, I pack up what I can, then move to another base and make trips back to get whatever I need.

      But as the game goes on, it is moving farther away from a Zombie survival game and more into a craft and build game.

      The mods are cool, but the major problem with the mods is that they sometimes don’t play well with each other and they create glitches. This mod was really cool to play around with, but I encountered a huge bug last night with this mod that made my game move slow and I kept getting constant error messages. Turns out, it was conflicting with another mod I had. :/

    • Nick

      Oh, but I will say that the main dev team is making 3D models with new animations (like jumping over fences and rolling)…. so they are still adding new content themselves… just very slowly.

      • WolfBlitzed

        Fair enough. Just as someone who actually paid for this it bugs me to see a neverending development that really has not added anything to make me want to install it and play the damn thing.

        I feel like there will never be a 1.0 release at this rate.