Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer Sees Leon And Chris Teaming Up To Fight Zombies

Kadokawa and Marza Animation Planet released a new trailer for the CGI movie based on Capcom’s Resident Evil series called Resident Evil: Vendetta. This will be the third of the animated CGI films that have been made based on Resident Evil, with the previous two being centered around Leon’s exploits against the undead hordes.

The trailer starts with zombies on the rampage, and then transitions into revealing the main villain named Glenn Arias. He’s labeled as a “merchant of death”.

Leon, Chris and Rebecca are supposed to stop this Glenn guy but Rebecca ends up getting captured and both Leon and Chris must team up to save her. You can check out the trailer below.

So they turned the Ustanak into a Bane wannabe? Interesting choice.

Leon looks… different. He’s no longer Swedish-model handsome, he’s just… uh… older?

Chris got rid of some of his steroids. He’s now average sized instead of John Cena-sized. It definitely makes him look more realistic as opposed to coming across as a jacked, 1980s superstar-era WWF wrestler.

The plot looks absolutely ridiculous, but it’s not like people go into Resident Evil films for quality stories from auteurs like Christopher Nolan.

The general gist seems to be that Chris and Leon will do some buddy-up tag-teaming against the villains, like a classic 1980s action movie… except with zombies.

Resident Evil: Vendetta - Leon

This is also the first time that Chris Redfield gets to star in a film. Leon was the main character in the last two, so it’s nice to see Capcom sharing the space with some of their other characters.

This appears to be what Resident Evil 7 likely would have been had they not made the current, more horror-oriented game they’re working on now. The main gist of the film is that the zombie monsters can be controlled so that they can tell friend from foe. This makes the zombies operate like a controlled zombie rather than chaotic, flesh-eating entities.

You can look for Resident Evil: Vendetta to hit theaters on May 27th, 2017. For more info feel free to visit the Biohazard Vendetta website.


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