Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Trailer Highlights Character Customization

A new 48 second trailer quickly covers the customization features in Tripwire Interactive and Antimatter Games’ upcoming Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The trailer was let loose as part of the slow and ongoing promotional campaign leading up to the release of the Vietnam-based multiplayer war game.

The trailer is quick and snappy and doesn’t waste any time. We see a selection of different soldiers, decked out in different kinds of gear, including some wearing sunglasses, others wearing helmets, cowboy hats or nothing on their heads at all. We see different races at play with bandanas, jumpsuits, rolled pants, sleeveless shirts, t-shirts and classic fatigues. You can check it out below.

You don’t get to just choose from American soldiers, though. You can also play as the Vietnamese. You can choose their helmet type, their shirt-type, their pants type and their facial accessories.

Since you can have guys go shirtless, I wonder if you can put them in fatigues, black boots, give them long wet hair and a red bandana? Because if you can then it means you can recreate Rambo!!!

The trailer is basically used to help inform gamers that a closed beta test will be getting underway starting in December. They have a sign-up page available and open for those who would like to participate. They’ve already held a few preliminary closed beta tests throughout November but they plan on extending it throughout December.

You can sign-up for the beta over on the registration page.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will feature 64-player battles, including vehicular combat not unlike Battlefield. It’s actually based on the core of Red Orchestra, but elevated and evolved to the next level.

If Rising Storm turns out to be a smash hit, I do wonder if the next Battlefield game will take place in Vietnam? It would actually be kind of cool if they bounced around to different eras just to mix things up.

You can keep track of updates and learn more about Rising Storm 2: Vietnam by visiting the Steam store page.


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