Rocket League Patch 1.25 Adds Free Map, Steam Workshop Support

Psyonix sent out word that Rocket League has been updated with brand new DLC and additional support for Steam Workshop mods.

The 1.25 update was detailed with a changelog over on the official Rocket League website. The free map is based on a mobile game from Psyonix, and it sets players within an octagonal arena where players will compete in outer space. It’s called the Starbase ARC map. Two additional maps have also been added, including a snowy version of the Utopia Coliseum in celebration of Christmas, which is just a few weeks away.

They also added the new Wasteland map set during the night time. Various antennas have also been tossed into the game, along with seven new decals, new rocket trails, custom training modes, new master volume control, adjustments to the controller deadzone, and post-game highlights.

There’s also a new Vulcan DLC battle car added to the game’s mix, which is available for a premium price. Improved DualShock 4 controller natively support on PC was also included, along with seamless bot replacement and improved frame-rates on various stages and vehicles.

The update is quite expansive and a lot of free content has been included, which should get some gamers who gave up on Rocket League a reason to check it out again. That’s not to mention that the Workshop support means that PC gamers will have all sorts of awesome new stages to play through, and all new modes and possibilities thanks to what custom mods could mean for the game.

Psyonix’s Rocket League has been a blockbuster seller, moving millions of copies and making the company millions upon millions of dollars. It’s a real true testament to their love for the game seeing them continually update and offer content for the title long after its release.

The update is available right now, and you can start surfing the Steam Workshop pages for mods for Rocket League.


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