Samurai Shodown 6 PS4 Theme Delayed To Early January, 2017

If you were hoping to get your hands on the Samurai Shodown VI theme for the PlayStation 4 before 2016 wrapped up and went away, you’re in for a little bit of disappointment. The theme has been delayed to early January, 2017.

The news comes courtesy of the official SNK Corporation Twitter account, which posted up the news about the delay on the social media service to inform gamers that the theme won’t be arriving as soon as they expected.

The dashboard theme features all the lovely ladies from Samurai Shodown VI, including longtime fan-favorites such as Charlotte and Nakoruru. More recent newcomers like the cosplay-magnet Mina Majikina is also featured in the theme, along with the recent addition to the series, Cham Cham, the cat girl.

The maid themed fighter Iroha takes center stage in her very curvaceous outfit, while Rimururu and Rera round out the cast of fighting females featured within the theme. You can check out a full look at the PS4 visual motif with the image below.

Samurai Shodown VI - PS4 Theme

Lawyers would hate Iroha’s hips, because they certainly don’t lie.

Anyway, after apologizing to fans about the delay, SNK received a lot of love and support because fans appreciate how much they’ve given to the community and how much work they’ve put into keeping the FGC honest, unlike Capcom. That’s not to mention that the PS4 theme for Samurai Shodown VI will be free in early January, so the wait isn’t that bad.

SNK’s latest outing for Sony’s home console has been King of Fighters XIV, and it recently received a free Athena DLC outfit, just ahead of a January update featuring a slight tweak to the graphics.


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