Seasons Of Heaven New Nintendo Switch Trailer Shows Walking And Environments

Seasons of Heaven for the Nintendo Switch has a new gameplay trailer showing curious folks what the game will be like, which includes a lot of walking. In other words Seasons of Heaven will be a walking simulator, and is set to release sometime next year.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of walking simulators; especially given how many copy/past indie walking sims are on Steam Early Access, Greenlight and on other platforms. But, if you are into walking sims the Nintendo Switch will be gaining a new game based on a novel named Seasons of Heaven.

The game follows a boy named Yann and his French bulldog Ani, and will allow players to switch between the two to solve puzzles and explore the area known as Heaven. According to the devs the game will feature “scalable transportation” so that exploration is made easier when in an open or closed areas.

The new trailer that just arrived has a few shots from the teaser trailer that was introduced not too long ago, and also reveals a lot more compared to the teaser. You can watch the official trailer below thanks to AnyArts Production.

This is just me, but from the trailer above the game looks quite unpolished and underwhelming. I don’t know if a later trailer will show a more polished version of the game that looks better, but hopefully they can iron out the kinks and get a solid looking sense of gameplay in order before release.

The game is running on the Unreal Engine 4, and is currently shaping up as we speak and will most likely gain additional information in the near future seeing how the game received an official trailer after its teaser trailer.

For more information on AnyArts Production’s Seasons of Heaven you can hit up their Twitter or Facebook page, until they can get an official site up. Lastly, Seasons of Heaven currently has no release date just yet, but it is noted by Nintendo that the game will be coming to the Switch.


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