Shattered Throne, Hardcore Deterministic Strategy Game Releases On Steam

“Let’s remove the random from the random encounters!” is pretty much how the tagline for Shattered Throne reads. The game is a hardcore strategy title where determinism and smarts will win the fights, not just random enemies with random difficulty settings. Checkmark Games wanted something that was a cross between Advanced Wars and Bahamut Lagoon.

Players take on the role of one of three armies, centered around controlling the land as a young prince attempts to ward off invading armies of dark forces. Players will build structures and fortifications, academies, garrisons and keeps, as well as fortify their forces with magical attacks and strengthened armed forces.

They released a trailer recently to give you a look at what the turn-based gameplay is like, as well as some of the units that will be at your disposal.

At first glance I thought this was another Dwarf Fortress clone, but upon further examination it’s closer to the likes of games such as Tactics Ogre or Albert Odyssey.

You can upgrade your forces by strengthening the buildings and structures that produce the units. You can also customize and build your own maps, creating nearly infinite amounts of replayability.

If you want an old-school, throwback strategy game focused on formations, unit tactics and stat stacking, you might want to give Shattered Throne a look-see.

There’s a fully robust campaign mode for the single-player aspect and a fleshed out multiplayer component as well.

The reviews for Shattered Throne are quite positive, with a lot of gamers enjoying the Advanced Wars-style mechanics and setup, as well as some of the more intuitive quality of life features that Checkmark Implemented as well to help give the game its own identity.

You can learn more about Shattered Throne by visiting the Steam store or by picking up a digital copy for $9.99.


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