Skyrim Mod Adds 7 Fully Voiced Custom Followers

There is a new mod out for Skyrim that adds seven fully voiced followers that have their own backstory for you to discover. Bethesda’s Skyrim is out now for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

It is evident in the mod that all characters are voiced by Japanese actors and actresses, however if you can’t understand them there is a translation pack you can download right on the NexusMods page to make things a little bit better.

This now brings us to the seven followers that are in the custom voice mod. The first of the seven characters is Sela (mage), followed by Noemie (archer/mage), Noela (healer), Cecile (swordsman), Rosalie (mage), Airi (gunblade) and Natasha (mage).

Once downloaded, the characters will introduce themselves and will even start random conversation with each other, other followers that are not a part of this pack, NPCs and, of course, you.

Each character supports UNPB or CBBE body types, and allow clothes to be changed if you desire to mix up their attire.

Something worth noting is that some of the followers in this mod will travel about the land after their introduction. One character that is said to perform such action before joining your team is Airi, who holds a visible chart on NexusMods that reveals each location she is headed and on what day.

Players looking to romance and marry one of the followers includes Sela, Noemie, Rosalie, and Natasha. Characters in this mod who do not support the marriage option include Airi, Noela, and Cecile.

If you want to see the mod in action, a two minute long video sits below that comes in by the modder’s YouTube channel.

If modder Okame28’s mod “OK_ Custom Voice Followers” seems like a good mod to add to your collection, you can head on over to NexusMods to download the mod for Skyrim.


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