Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Features Three Maps That Are 9km Each
(Last Updated On: December 12, 2016)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 was recently given the demo treatment over on IGN. They showcase some of the new weapons, the safe house customization, as well as a brand new map in the game.

They explain that players take on the role of John North, and the mission showcased in the video takes place in Georgia. Players have a task in neutralizing targets, and the 15 minute mission where they take on a side quest to infiltrate a location. It’s revealed by Tomasz Pruski, the senior level designer at CI Games, that there are three maps in total and each one is approximately nine square kilometers, offering players plenty of play-space to move around in. Pruski states…

“In the grand scheme of things […] the maps are roughly nine square kilometers each. The playable spaces are slightly smaller, but there is a lot of real estate, and we have three maps like that in the game. They are separate environments; we wanted to do that to sort of make them more diverse [and] make them look and play and feel differently.”

You can check out the gameplay mission below.

The mission involves getting hands on the medical supplies without getting spotted. Players can use drones to scout the area, and there are multiple buildings to infiltrate and scour, as well as utilize the game’s new Sniper Mode that allows John, the main character, to see what objects within the environment.

One of the neat things that makes Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 stand out is that when sniping players will have to manually set the range on the scope before taking a shot.

Dynamic weather and time of day will also alter the visibility for NPCs and the player during a mission. They also reveal that depending on your play-style depends on the skill points you can earn at the end of each mission. The points will be determined based on your rating in three different categories. Said points can then be used in three different categories, the “Sniper” category for long-range kills, “Ghost” category for stealth, and the “Warrior” aspect for the players who like to mimic Rambo.

You can look for Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 to launch April 4th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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  • Hawk Hopper

    Is it me, or does that mini-map look really choppy?

    • I wasn’t even paying attention to the mini-map… I was too busy thinking about how it seemed like a darker, more realistic version of Far Cry 3.

      • durka durka

        Unlike fc3 its not scripted to death with QTEs and you can actually snipe enemies since the military bases are not 2 huts with 5 enemies outside.

        • Phasmatis75

          You’re both describing Far Cry 2. If this is Far Cry 2 I’m sold.

          • It’s a stealthier version of Far Cry 2 without the weapon degradation affecting you midway through a firefight.

          • lucben999

            The weapon degradation didn’t bother me too much, it kinda fit the setting. My biggest problem with the game was the insta-respawning bulletsponge guards with telescopic x-ray vision.

          • I didn’t mind the weapon degradation too much either, but the respawning enemies was a bit annoying, especially how it seemed as if they would just attack you out of nowhere. I like in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 how there are civilians and soldiers and not everyone is instantly hostile toward you when they see you.

          • lucben999

            I’m pretty sure those assholes in FC2 could see through foliage or something, I remember getting so annoyed at this that I saved up all my diamonds straight for the expensive camouflage suit… and it did nothing.

          • durka durka

            yup, i can relate to that.

          • durka durka

            That has to do with the engine really, it does not save your interactions like say bethesdas engines, it respawns everything like assasin’s creed and older gtas.

            my biggest problem was that you have to drive alot and cars had the maximum speed of a gold cart.

          • I didn’t mind the driving, but getting shot off the road every few minutes did make it a chore.

          • Phasmatis75

            I don’t know, I actually liked that as it kept me on my toes and made for some exciting moments. That said it wouldn’t make sense if this game had that feature with all their weapons being brand new state of the art.

            It made sense with Far Cry 2 since they were all overused from back to back conflicts and poorly maintained. I played Far Cry 2 stealthed so it’s basically the same thing.

          • durka durka

            Which is why you never picked up weapons from the ground but you bought your own. Meanwhile fc3 was like, HERE IS A GUN, HERE IS ANOTHER GUN BECAUSE YOU CLIMBED UP A TOWER, HELL, HAVE 2 GUNS FOR CLIMBING UP THE TOWER….HERE IS MORE MONEY, YOUR WALLET IS FULL, HERE HAVE EVERYTHING.

            It was a linear scripted shooter with a open world as a afterthought since there was nothing to do nor you needed the money to buy upgrades, in fact upgrades are locked until a later mission, which means there is no point spending time in open world.

          • Clamp

            That was pain in FC3. Always need to do crafting. Crat something to put money. In moments later, you needed to make more bigger wallet to save money. That same goes to guns and ammuniton. It was kinda forced. I hope, That crafting in SGW3 will be less intrusive.

          • durka durka

            Yeah liked fc2, fc3 was too scripted. Fc4 is like fc2 but with better main mssions and stealth and more thngs to do. From a gameplay standpoint fc4 is better than 3 also from a content standpoint and the editor is pretty good. Still nothing beats fc2 atmosphere.

            I was hoping mgs v will do the open world merc thing, but it turned out the prison in ground zeroes was bigger than the outposts in mgs v.

            I am also keeping an eye on wildlands for that reason.

          • Phasmatis75

            I’m passing on Wildlands. Everytime Ubisoft tries a play it your way, it’s always rediculously easy. I already hate the story as I would rather work with the Drug Cartels than against them. Even Just Cause gets it right by having your put something in place of what you are destroying.

            This game is about my ownly hope for Far Cry 2 experience again. Even though Far Cry 2 wasn’t perfect it was still a blast.

          • moreThanZero666

            Actually I think that this game is like Far Cry mixed with MGSV with an Sniper as a main character. This is good for me, I really like Stealth games, I was very pleased with the game Far Cry 2 and MGS V. Hope that after playing this game I’ll be just as pleased.

      • Hawk Hopper

        They use very similar corpse searching animations too.