Tales Of Berseria And NieR: Automata Demo Dates Announced

Both Bandai Namco and Platinum Games will release a demo for their game Tales of Berseria and Nier: Automata for PS4. The demos will allow folks to test the games before they drop to see if they’re something worth picking up or skipping. Tales of Berseria‘s demo is set to debut on PS4 and PC on January 10th, while NieR: Automata‘s demo is set to come out for PS4 in the West and Japan on December 22nd.

The new English trailer that Bandai Namco released for Tales of Berseria is now up for fans to watch. The video reveals cut-scenes that were recorded on PC — and the PC version of the game can be pre-ordered (if you are into pre-ordering) over on Steam right now.

In addition, those who opt in and pre-order the game will gain a 15-minute video skit, three music tracks for the game, and a PS4 themed background. Moreover, users who own previous titles like Tales of Symphonia or Zestiria will get a 10% discount on Berseria when purchasing the game from Steam.

As of now the Japanese demo version for Tales of Berseria is out over on the Japanese PlayStation Store, but if you want to play the Western version the demo is set to debut across PS4 and PC on January 10th.

This now brings us to NieR: Automata and its demo. The demo will place players in an abandoned factory and sees android 2B trying to defeat a dangerous threat that lies within the factory. The demo for the game is set to come out for PS4 in the West and Japan on December 22nd.

Platinum Games and Square Enix’s game is set to release for PS4 in Japan on February 23rd, while North America and Europe will get the game for PS4 on March 7th and March 10th — which the PC version is set to hit the West “soon” in 2017 according to a rep over at Square Enix.

Tales of Berseria is set to release for PS4 and PC in North America on January 24th and in Europe on January 27th, which the RPG is currently playable right now over in Japan for PS3 and PS4.


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